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Public Audit Committee

Covid-19: Vaccination programme update

Letter to Convener from Caroline Lamb, Director-General for Health and Social Care and Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, Scottish Government, 6 December 2021

Dear Mr Leonard

I refer to your letter of Wednesday 10th November 2021 regarding the national Flu and COVID-19 vaccination Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA) engagement and consultation report (November 2020), produced by Public Health Scotland (PHS).

I understand the Public Audit Committee is seeking more information on the HIIA, including the dissemination process that PHS undertook and has requested a copy of the HIIA.

PHS released the assessment across an extensive list of stakeholders including the Scottish Government, local and national NHS boards and a comprehensive range of third sector agencies. The HIIA was also presented in a number of forums including the national Flu Vaccines and COVID-19 Vaccinations (FVCV) Delivery Board and FVCV Clinical Governance Group, and has influenced the development of FVCV work streams.

A link to the PHS publication can be accessed using this link:

Ensuring Scotland’s vaccination programme remains inclusive is a priority, and we are committed to offering a vaccine to everyone in Scotland. The FVCV programme has worked with partners in local health boards, the third, community and faith sectors, to respond to the recommendations in the Health Inequalities Impact Assessment (HIIA). The programme also continues to engage and respond to other relevant research, data and feedback, much of which is covered in the Audit Scotland report.

Yours sincerely
Caroline Lamb