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Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee

Short inquiry into energy price rises


The Committee has agreed to hold a short ‘snapshot’ inquiry into energy price rises. The inquiry will focus primarily on short and medium-term solutions to high energy prices, longer term structural solutions, and the role of the Scottish Government in implementing these.

The Committee will hold evidence sessions during April and May, hearing from a wide range of stakeholders including academics, consumer representatives, energy companies and government officials.

The Committee’s scrutiny will explore areas such as:

  • The key drivers for recent energy price increases; the short-medium term outlook for these prices and how the issues of affordability and climate change should be considered in the policy response.
  • To what extent the energy price crisis will undermine or accelerate the structural changes required to transition to net zero and how the cost of living crisis can be tackled in the short-medium term without compromising emissions reduction goals.
  • The impact on consumers – how many people were impacted over winter 2021-22, how much worse this could get and what the barriers are to people being able to reduce their bills.
  • How the energy market works in Great Britain; how the crisis is affecting different sections of the market and what the solutions are.
  • What measures the Scottish Government and regulatory bodies are taking to mitigate the situation, what solutions are being considered and what further measures can be taken.



19 April 2022

Evidence session 

26 April 2022

Evidence session 


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