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Social Security (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill - Financial Memorandum


The Bill makes changes to the Scottish social security system, including:

  • allowing the Scottish Government to provide care experience assistance and changing the way rules are made for the Scottish Child Payment;
  • changing the processes for making decisions about social security assistance in Scotland;
  • changing the processes where people must pay back assistance received by mistake, and providing that in certain situations a person’s representative may need to pay back assistance received by the person by mistake;
  • allowing information to be gathered for auditing purposes;
  • creating a process for some, or all, of a compensation payment to be paid to the Scottish Government to cover the amount of assistance a person has received for the same accident, injury or illness;
  • changing the legal form of the Scottish Commission on Social Security and giving it more duties.

Financial Memorandum

As with all Bills, the Finance and Public Administration Committee invites written evidence on the estimated financial implications of the Bill as set out in its accompanying Financial Memorandum (FM).

Read the FM for this Bill: Financial Memorandum.

Your Views

The call for views closed on 15 January 2024.

The Committee received 3 submissions to its call for views. Read the submissions on Citizen Space.

The Committee has agreed to forward the submissions received to the Social Justice and Social Security Committee as part of that Committee's consideration of the Social Security (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill and take no further action.

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