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About the Scottish Parliament

Parliament policies

Charities and fund-raising policy

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) does not endorse any charity other than PoppyScotland.

Find out more about PoppyScotland.

In fulfilling their parliamentary duties and as they relate to the use of parliamentary resources, Members may engage in activities (including fundraising) to support charities and other good causes provided that:

  • these activities do not contravene (and are not capable of being perceived as contravening) the policy that the SPCB does not endorse any charity other than PoppyScotland
  • these activities relate to the interests of electors in the Member’s constituency or region
  • these activities do not encompass any fundraising for party political purposes.

It is a matter for each Member to exercise his/her judgement as to the appropriateness of the activity on a case by case basis. Parliamentary officials will be happy to provide advice as requested.

Use of parliamentary resources for fund-raising

Fund-raising (other than for PoppyScotland) is not permitted on the parliamentary campus (including landscaped gardens), with the following exceptions:

  • Members and other passholders may use their parliamentary offices (and constituency/regional offices) in a personal individual capacity to raise funds.  For example, a Member may sell a charity calendar from his or her own office. 

For all other events taking place witihin the Parliament, the raising of funds or collections for any organisation other than PoppyScotland is prohibited.

Charity goods (other than for PoppyScotland) will not be sold in the Parliament Shop.

Members are able to offer lunch/dinner in the restaurant in consideration of a donation to a charity or other good cause subject to Members exercising judgement about the appropriateness of individual requests.

Members may not use parliamentary stationery, postage or any form of funded publication or notice for fundraising as this may be capable of being perceived as contravening the SPCB’s policy not to endorse any charity other than PoppyScotland.  However, it is permissible for Members to use the email system in a personal individual capacity to notify other Members and staff in the Parliament of particular fundraising opportunities.