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Chamber and committees

Criminal Justice Committee [Draft]

Meeting date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Agenda: Pre-budget Scrutiny 2023-24, National Care Service (Scotland) Bill , Correspondence


National Care Service (Scotland) Bill

The Convener

Our next item of business is to review the evidence that has been submitted to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee on the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill and to decide whether we wish to take further evidence. For example, one of our options is to schedule a one-off evidence session on the criminal justice-related provisions of the bill. I refer members to paper 4.

Do members have any comments on the proposal to run an evidence session? Do you agree that that would be appropriate?

Given that one in five of the written submissions to the lead committee relate to criminal justice, it makes perfect sense that we should take a proper look at it.

Members are indicating agreement. Fulton?

Fulton MacGregor

I agree with that as well. It would certainly do no harm for this committee to look at the issues. We might need to have a wider conversation about how we feed back to the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, but, given that community and criminal justice comes under our remit, it is appropriate for us to hold a one-off session.

Thank you, Fulton. As no other member wishes to comment, I confirm that we are happy to have arrangements put in place for a one-off evidence session. I will ask our clerking team to assist with that.