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Digital sessions online

We are pleased to offer digital sessions that can be tailored to your classes. These happen over Microsoft Teams and are designed for upper Primary, BGE, National 5 and Higher Modern Studies. Our education officers can join you remotely in your classroom, answer questions, and provide examples of democracy in action. They are great for revision sessions.

If you can't join us to watch FMQs in person, we can view recordings during a digital session and explain how the First Minister is held to account by Parliament.

If you still wanted to add a visit to the Parliament to add to this experience, you could arrange a regular group tour through Visitor Services.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday and last 45 minutes.

We also offer Modern Studies revision sessions for National 5 students. These can usually be delivered in class time or for after school study groups. Revision sessions cover the following areas of the curriculum, with relevant examples and clips for most areas. These sessions become available for booking in November each year, and run through to the Modern Studies exam. 

  • Features of a democracy
  • Using your democratic rights
  • The Scottish Parliament election system 
  • Devolved and reserved matters
  • Powers of the First Minister
  • Holding the Government to account
  • Role of MSPs
  • Getting involved

To book, select the 'digital' option and note 'revision session' in the Additional Information box.

Bookings now open!

Bookings for September to December are now open.  Digital sessions are also still available to book up to the end of June 2024.

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Digital education sessions

We visited a school in Stonehaven to see a digital session in action.

Watch the video to find out more about our digital sessions, and to hear from the teacher and some learners about their experience...

School pupils looking at a presentation on a screen at the front of a classroom