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Chamber and committees

Motion ref. S5M-09834

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018

Submitted by: Clare Haughey, Rutherglen, Scottish National Party.
Date lodged: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Submitting member has a registered interest.

Supported by: Jeremy Balfour, Miles Briggs, Jackson Carlaw, Willie Coffey, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Graeme Dey, James Dornan, Kezia Dugdale, Neil Findlay, John Finnie, Murdo Fraser, Kenneth Gibson, Jenny Gilruth, Maurice Golden, Emma Harper, Bill Kidd, Richard Lyle, Angus MacDonald, Fulton MacGregor, Rona Mackay, Ben Macpherson, Ruth Maguire, Gillian Martin, John Mason, Joan McAlpine, Ivan McKee, Stuart McMillan, Pauline McNeill, Margaret Mitchell, Ash Regan, Willie Rennie, Gail Ross, Alex Rowley, John Scott, Tavish Scott, Stewart Stevenson, David Torrance, Annie Wells
Current status: Taken in the Chamber on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

That the Parliament notes that 26 February marks the beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2018; acknowledges that these disorders are serious mental health conditions that affect people psychologically, socially, and physically; understands that approximately 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder, of which an estimated 89% are female; praises the Scottish Eating Disorders Interest Group and the charity, Beat, on providing what it sees as vital help for people with such conditions and their families; notes that the Scottish Government's Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027 commits to working toward the development of a digital tool to specifically support young people with eating disorders; highlights the programme, See Me, which it considers has been instrumental in tackling the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues, including eating disorders, and notes the calls for all stakeholders to continue to working together to ensure that the appropriate help is available and that early intervention is essential in reducing unnecessary deaths.