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Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Scotland
As an amendment to motion S2M-329 in the name of Mr John Swinney (Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Scotland), insert at end “recognises that Scotland’s civic society, voluntary sector and other organisations are able to provide alternative accommodation for children and families currently held in detention; believes that such arrangements would meet the requirements of UK asylum policy while being consistent with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees guidelines on alternatives to detention; calls on Her Majesty’s Government to meet appropriate agencies to arrange for alternative provision of accommodation and support and to fund this provision in Scotland, and welcomes the valuable diversity which incomers, including asylum seekers and refugees, bring to Scotland and the contribution they can make to our society.”

Current Status: Fallen on 11/09/2003
Sexual Health Misinformation
That the Parliament notes the publication of pamphlets stating that condoms are not reliable in preventing the spread of HIV, as discovered by BBC Panorama researchers working in Kenya and other areas of high HIV prevalence; opposes the spread of such misinformation in Scotland; condemns those who publish, promote or endorse such life-threatening propaganda, whether abroad or in Scotland; notes the opinion of the US National Institutes of Health and other expert opinion worldwide that intact latex condoms are essentially impermeable to even the smallest sexually transmitted virus, hepatitis B; notes the intention of the Scottish Executive to publish the report of the Sexual Health Strategy expert group in the near future, and believes that any effective sexual health strategy for Scotland will include the promotion of condom use and safer sex practices among other approaches.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Chris Ballance, Marlyn Glen, Mark Ballard, Margaret Smith, Rosemary Byrne, Mark Ruskell, Jean Turner, Tommy Sheridan, Shiona Baird, Rosie Kane, Eleanor Scott, Sandra White, Robin Harper, Pauline McNeill, Susan Deacon, Elaine Smith

Glasgow Crossrail Scheme
As an amendment to motion S2M-525 in the name of Bill Butler (Glasgow Crossrail Scheme), insert at end “and further believes that the crossrail scheme represents a logical alternative to the M74 Northern Extension.”

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Bill
As an amendment to motion S2M-532 in the name of Ms Margaret Curran (Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Bill), leave out from “agrees” to end and insert “ does not agree to the general principles of the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Bill because, whilst welcoming the seriousness with which the Scottish Executive takes the issue of antisocial behaviour, it regrets that the Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Bill fails to address the causes of antisocial behaviour or to put enforcement measures in context, and believes, therefore, that the Bill will not deliver the solution to antisocial behaviour that it promises.”

Current Status: Fallen on 10/03/2004
UK Legislation - Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill
As an amendment to motion S2M-543 in the name of Ms Margaret Curran (UK Legislation - Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill), insert at end “but, in so doing, expresses its concerns over several provisions contained in the Bill, namely those relating to national security, urgency and enforcement; believes that these provisions could face objectors with a greater disadvantage in Crown planning cases than they are faced with in private planning cases, and considers that the UK Parliament should address these issues during its consideration of the Bill.”

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 20/11/2003
Progress in Respect of Fuel Poverty in Scotland
As an amendment to motion S2M-627 in the name of Ms Margaret Curran (Progress in Respect of Fuel Poverty in Scotland), leave out from “welcomes” to end and insert “, while welcoming improvement in fuel poverty figures in the Scottish House Condition Survey 2002, notes that this derives in part from factors outwith the Scottish Executive’s control; considers that addressing home energy efficiency is the most effective way to tackle fuel poverty in addition to helping Scotland meet climate change targets; and calls on the Executive to adopt a single and consistent definition of fuel poverty such as used in the Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement, and further calls on the Executive to commit itself to recognised objective standards for home energy efficiency as used in the Scottish House Condition Survey.

Current Status: Fallen on 20/11/2003
Ministerial Boycott of World Peace Debate
That the Parliament deplores the decision by the Scottish Executive to boycott the debate on world peace and considers that Executive ministers should take part in every Parliamentary debate.

Supported by: Campbell Martin, Carolyn Leckie, Stewart Maxwell, Frances Curran, Rob Gibson, Rosemary Byrne, Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane, Richard Lochhead, Mark Ruskell, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Shiona Baird, Nicola Sturgeon, Linda Fabiani, Eleanor Scott, Christine Grahame, Colin Fox, Sandra White, Margo MacDonald, Robin Harper, Adam Ingram, Alasdair Morgan, Jean Turner, Brian Adam

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Use of Sewel Motions
That the Parliament notes the Scottish Executive’s use of the convention known as the Sewel motion; recognises that there are occasional circumstances where the use of Sewel motions is an appropriate legislative route; believes that such motions should not be used for specifically political reasons and that an action of this nature would undermine the authority of the Parliament; further believes that it is possible for a process to be developed by which the Scottish Parliament can fully scrutinise a bill that is in passage at Westminster, and considers that this process would require a committee of the Scottish Parliament to consider the UK bill with sufficient time to take evidence and report, the Scottish Parliament to debate the committee’s report and agree recommendations for amendments to those parts of the bill that relate to Scotland, such recommendations to be submitted to the UK Parliament with sufficient time for their incorporation into the bill and a second Sewel motion to be considered by the Scottish Parliament to approve this bill as amended, before the bill is approved by the UK Parliament.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Rosemary Byrne, Chris Ballance, Shiona Baird, Eleanor Scott, Tommy Sheridan, Rosie Kane, Robin Harper, Mark Ruskell, Mark Ballard, Christine Grahame, Frances Curran, Robert Brown, Brian Adam, Rob Gibson, Sandra White, Margaret Smith, Dennis Canavan, Jean Turner

M74 Public Local Inquiry
That the Parliament recognises and agrees that the answer to question S2F-383 by the First Minister on 27 November 2003 concerning the M74 motorway extension clearly gives an appearance of bias; believes that the Scottish Executive has conflicting roles in the decision-making process; further believes that the public local inquiry under way from 1 December 2003 has now been compromised such that under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights the objectors are entitled to hold the view that the appeal process does not provide them with a fair and impartial hearing, and considers that the inquiry should be abandoned until such time as a process can be put in place that complies with Article 6.

Supported by: Colin Fox, Carolyn Leckie, Frances Curran, Rosemary Byrne, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Eleanor Scott, Jean Turner, Tommy Sheridan, Mark Ruskell, Robin Harper, Rosie Kane, Shiona Baird

Class Actions
That the Parliament notes the Scottish Consumer Council's publication, A Class of their own - Why Scotland needs a class actions procedure; recognises the difficulty people face in pursuing multi-party legal actions in Scotland; believes that the potential benefits of introducing a class actions procedure are significant for the people of Scotland, and considers that the Scottish Executive should work towards the introduction of such a procedure.

Supported by: Carolyn Leckie, Robin Harper, Mark Ruskell, Mark Ballard, Eleanor Scott, Frances Curran, Tommy Sheridan, Chris Ballance, Rosemary Byrne, Rosie Kane, John Swinburne, Shiona Baird, Jean Turner

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support