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Fife Rail Service
That the Parliament notes with concern the appalling level of rail services being provided to the people of Fife and calls upon the Scottish Executive to make urgent representations to ScotRail and Railtrack to improve this service.

Supported by: Scott Barrie, Nick Johnston, David Mundell, Colin Campbell, Keith Harding, Irene McGugan, Tommy Sheridan, Rhoda Grant, Fiona McLeod, Bruce Crawford, Alasdair Morgan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Brian Adam, Sandra White, Marilyn Livingstone, Linda Fabiani, Margaret Ewing, Fiona Hyslop, Shona Robison, Alex Neil, Donald Gorrie

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Fife Rail Service
That the Parliament notes with concern the appalling level of rail services being provided to the people of Fife and makes representations to ScotRail and Railtrack to improve this service; notes with concern the overcrowding on these trains and the health and safety issues this presents; calls upon ScotRail to announce and implement an immediate action plan to improve punctuality, reduce train cancellations and increase the number of carriages on peak-time trains, with such an action plan to have been successfully implemented within six months, and further calls for an explanation why the new rolling stock which was ordered from the train manufacturing companies by ScotRail for use on this line has still not been delivered more than four years later.

Supported by: Helen Eadie, Keith Harding

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 15/12/1999
Fast Ferry Across the Forth Estuary
That the Parliament notes that the rate of increase of traffic using the Forth Road Bridge is not sustainable; believes that alternative estuary crossings must be examined to alleviate congestion and to allow the free-flow of commuters and visitors between Edinburgh and Fife, and believes that consideration should be given to studies already undertaken for a fast ferry service between Fife and Edinburgh with a view to examining the feasibility of implementation.

Supported by: Fiona Hyslop, Brian Adam, Andrew Wilson, Kenneth Gibson, Donald Gorrie, Roseanna Cunningham, Fiona McLeod, Linda Fabiani, Nick Johnston, Lloyd Quinan, Alex Neil, Duncan Hamilton, Tommy Sheridan, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Adam Ingram, Irene McGugan, Keith Raffan, Gil Paterson, Bruce Crawford, Kenny MacAskill, Margaret Ewing, George Lyon, Sandra White, Winnie Ewing

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
That the Parliament welcomes the visit by the President of Malawi; recognises the historical and present day links between our two nations; acknowledges the commitment to democracy and human rights by the Government of Malawi; applauds its efforts to improve the social and economic wellbeing of the people of Malawi despite the debt burden accumulated by the previous regime, and urges the Scottish Executive to act on the plea by the President to encourage medical students and doctors to go to Malawi and to make urgent representations to Her Majesty's Government to encourage the write off the burden of debt on this nation, which is one of the poorest in the world.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead, Nick Johnston, Michael Russell, Winnie Ewing, Nicola Sturgeon, Kay Ullrich, Robin Harper, Lloyd Quinan, Brian Adam, Shona Robison, John McAllion, Duncan Hamilton, Donald Gorrie, Andrew Wilson, Alex Neil, Adam Ingram, Margaret Ewing, Linda Fabiani, Fiona McLeod, Fiona Hyslop, Ian Jenkins, Michael Matheson, Kenny MacAskill, Gil Paterson

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Car Parking Charges in Fife Hospitals
That the Parliament deplores the proposals by Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to introduce car parking charges at the Victoria, Queen Margaret and Forth Park hospitals; recognises the widespread public anger at this additional burden on sick people, their relatives and staff; congratulates the Dunfermline Press and the Fife Free Press group of newspapers which have to date collected 20,000 signatures on their petitions opposing the charges, and believes that the Trust should abandon these proposals and take positive action to restore the confidence of the Fife public.

Supported by: Shona Robison, Tommy Sheridan, Brian Monteith, Michael Russell, Scott Barrie, Donald Gorrie, Andrew Wilson, Linda Fabiani, Fiona Hyslop, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Michael McMahon, Marilyn Livingstone, Kenny MacAskill, Adam Ingram, Keith Harding, Fergus Ewing, Kay Ullrich, Gil Paterson, Lloyd Quinan, Fiona McLeod, Nick Johnston, Alex Neil, Lyndsay McIntosh, Sandra White, Brian Adam

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Multiple Sclerosis in Scotland
That the Parliament notes that Scotland, with an estimated 10,400 multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers, is widely held to have the highest incidence of this disease, for which there is currently no cure; recognises the importance of the lobby of MSPs by people with MS which is to take place on October 5 2000; notes the important developments in MS care in recent years, including the introduction of specialist MS nurses, a concept pioneered in Scotland, and the development of the drug beta interferon, the only treatment to date which modifies the course of the disease; regrets that, despite this progress, standards of care for people in Scotland with MS remain unsatisfactory, as recognised by the recent report of the Scottish Needs Assessment Programme; further notes that the cost-effectiveness of beta interferon in the treatment of MS is currently under review by the Health Technology Board for Scotland, and believes that Scotland, with the highest incidence of MS in the world, should set the world standard for people with MS care.

Supported by: Alex Neil, Linda Fabiani, Fiona Hyslop, Lloyd Quinan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Donald Gorrie, Andrew Wilson, Richard Lochhead, Kenneth Gibson, Shona Robison, Fergus Ewing, Alasdair Morgan, Nora Radcliffe, Michael Matheson, Kenny MacAskill, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Michael Russell, Christine Grahame, John Scott, Robert Brown, Phil Gallie, Tommy Sheridan, Mary Scanlon, David Mundell, Irene McGugan, Des McNulty, Tavish Scott, David McLetchie, Marilyn Livingstone, Richard Simpson, Pauline McNeill, Maureen Macmillan, Allan Wilson, Bristow Muldoon, Sandra White, Elaine Smith

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 05/10/2000
Multiple Sclerosis
That the Parliament congratulates the MS Society on the work it does on behalf on behalf of people with multiple sclerosis in Scotland; welcomes MS awareness week, 22 April - 29 April, as an opportunity to highlight the wholly inadequate treatment that is available throughout Scotland; recognises the exceptional work done by specialised MS nurses, and urges the Scottish Executive to bring forward proposals for research into the causes of MS in Scotland and for support for those who are presently affected by it.

Supported by: Robert Brown, Richard Lochhead, Kenny MacAskill, John Swinney, Fergus Ewing, David Davidson, Brian Adam, Andrew Wilson, Alasdair Morgan, Shona Robison, Roseanna Cunningham, Margaret Smith, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Christine Grahame, Tommy Sheridan, Michael Russell, Michael Matheson, Bruce Crawford, Alex Fergusson, Maureen Macmillan, Mary Scanlon, Fiona Hyslop, Phil Gallie, John Farquhar Munro, Des McNulty, David Mundell, Alex Neil, Winnie Ewing, Irene McGugan, Lloyd Quinan, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Nicola Sturgeon, Margaret Ewing, Fiona McLeod, Linda Fabiani, Keith Harding, Dennis Canavan, Sandra White, Margo MacDonald, Jamie McGrigor, Kay Ullrich

Jim Baxter
That the Parliament regrets the recent death of Jim Baxter; offers sympathy to his relatives and friends on their loss, and urges the Scottish Football Association , in recognition of Jim Baxter's unique talent and his unforgettable contribution to Scottish football, to include him in Scotland's Football Hall of Fame.

Supported by: Phil Gallie, Andrew Wilson, Roseanna Cunningham, Michael Russell, Michael Matheson, Lyndsay McIntosh, Bruce Crawford, Shona Robison, Maureen Macmillan, Brian Monteith, Winnie Ewing, Lloyd Quinan, John McAllion, Alex Salmond, Adam Ingram, Trish Godman, Fiona McLeod, Kenny MacAskill, Bristow Muldoon, Brian Adam, Dennis Canavan, David McLetchie, Scott Barrie, Sandra White, Jamie McGrigor, Kay Ullrich, Richard Lochhead

Voices of Women Campaign
That the Parliament welcomes the formation of the Voices of Women (VOW) campaign to assist, encourage and to provide advice and information to black and ethnic minority women in Fife and wishes them every success in their efforts to attract funding to support the organisation and the valuable work that is being undertaken.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Alex Salmond, Keith Harding, Tommy Sheridan, Kenneth Gibson, Sandra White, Marilyn Livingstone, Kenny MacAskill, Irene McGugan, Gil Paterson, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Alex Neil, Lloyd Quinan, Adam Ingram, Andrew Wilson, Linda Fabiani, Fiona McLeod, Fiona Hyslop, Michael Russell

Response to Motion on SNP Policy on Tobacco Advertising
That the Parliament notes motion S1M-2131 by John Home Robertson; observes that it is factually inaccurate; notes that, contrary to the ill-informed statement in the last clause, no money from the SNP has or could be generated by this means, and condemns the Labour Party for failing to support the proposed Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill, which would ban tobacco advertising in Scotland.

Supported by: Kenny MacAskill, Shona Robison, Linda Fabiani, Michael Matheson, Christine Grahame, Lloyd Quinan, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Andrew Wilson, Alex Neil, Margaret Ewing, Michael Russell, Brian Adam, Sandra White, Duncan Hamilton, Roseanna Cunningham, Fiona McLeod