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Catholic Schools, Good For Scotland

That the Parliament recognises that 2018 marks the centenary of the 1918 Education (Scotland) Act, which established in law the principle of state funding for Catholic schools; notes that the Scottish Catholic Education Service will be marking the centenary with numerous events to celebrate the contribution that Catholic schools have made to Scotland’s education system; recognises this contribution and the positive impact that it believes that this has had on society; understands that there is continuing governmental support for the future of denominational schools;  notes that, during 2018, schools, families, parishes and communities across the country will reflect on Catholic education, using the theme, Catholic Schools, Good For Scotland, and believes that this distinctive collaboration for the governance of schools, as first legislated for in 1918, continues to reflect the diverse, inclusive and progressive nature of the education system in Scotland.

Supported by: Tom Mason, Miles Briggs, Bill Bowman, Alexander Stewart, Alison Harris, Peter Chapman, Jeremy Balfour, Elaine Smith, Margaret Mitchell, Jamie Greene, Maurice Corry, Murdo Fraser, Rachael Hamilton, Annie Wells, Richard Lyle, Clare Haughey, Stuart McMillan, Mike Rumbles, Willie Coffey, Clare Adamson, Maurice Golden, Alex Rowley, Fulton MacGregor, Jackson Carlaw, Pauline McNeill, James Kelly, Jackie Baillie, Johann Lamont, James Dornan, David Torrance, Mark Griffin, Monica Lennon, Alex Neil, Anas Sarwar, Neil Bibby, Liz Smith, Richard Leonard

Current Status: Fallen on 09/05/2018
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