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Moratorium on Mountain Hare Culls

That the Parliament acknowledges the concerns of a coalition of 10 conservation and outdoor organisations regarding the poorly-known status of mountain hare in Scotland, which they believe is threatened by heavy culls on intensively-managed grouse moors, and considers that a moratorium on these culls is urgently required.

Supported by: Ross Greer, Christine Grahame, Mark Ruskell, Gail Ross, David Stewart, Colin Smyth, Claudia Beamish, Alex Rowley, Andy Wightman, John Finnie, Iain Gray, Jackie Baillie, Ben Macpherson, Claire Baker, Neil Findlay, Tavish Scott, Patrick Harvie, Liam McArthur, Richard Lochhead, Rhoda Grant, Willie Rennie, Lewis Macdonald

Current Status: Fallen on 24/01/2018
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