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World Oceans Day

That the Parliament celebrates World Oceans Day 2017; notes that the day aims for global recognition of the importance of the oceans and marine conservation collaboration; notes that this year's theme is Our Oceans, Our Future and that the conservation-action focus is on preventing marine litter; notes the report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which stated that at least eight million tonnes of plastic leaks into the oceans each year, the equivalent of one truckload every minute; recognises what it sees as the other threats to the marine environment that are caused by unsustainable fishing practices and climate change raising sea levels; acknowledges the dependence on the sea that many coastal communities have and the importance of this for their livelihoods and to future generations; believes that there is a need for more research into blue carbon as climate mitigation; recognises the progress made in Scotland towards protecting the marine environment, and celebrates the fascinating beauty of the seas and oceans in Scotland and around the world.

Supported by: Iain Gray, Kenneth Gibson, Stuart McMillan, Graeme Dey, Bill Kidd, Richard Lochhead, Ivan McKee, Gillian Martin, Colin Beattie, Maree Todd, Andy Wightman, Fulton MacGregor, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Pauline McNeill, John Finnie, Tom Arthur, Neil Findlay, John Mason

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017