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Acoustic Deterrent Devices

That the Parliament recognises the research into large scale noise pollution from acoustic deterrent devices in fish farms, which was carried out by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, University of St Andrews, Scottish Association for Marine Science and the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust; understands that the research found that acoustic deterrent devices may be harmful to cetaceans such as harbour porpoises and other non-target species; believes that such devices are used extensively by some marine and aquaculture companies in Scotland, and calls for further research in this area to be carried out in light of the fact that some of the species that may be affected by these devices are protected.

Supported by: Peter Chapman, Mark Ruskell, Richard Lochhead, Alison Johnstone, Christine Grahame, Mairi Gougeon, Angus MacDonald, Alexander Burnett, John Finnie

Current Status: Fallen on 04/10/2017
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