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Deportation of Refugees After Five Years

That the Parliament condemns the UK Government’s new policy to permit the deportation of refugees after five years of living in the UK; considers that this creates an unacceptable level of additional stress and anxiety for refugees who have already suffered the trauma of having to flee their homes; notes that this policy is premised on undertaking an official review of the safety of the country of origin; recalls that the Home Office has already deported thousands of young people to dangerous countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, who had originally arrived in the UK as unaccompanied child asylum seekers; considers that Home Office reviews of the safety of countries does not reflect the real danger to life that is present, and calls on the UK Government to abandon this policy and instead secure the right of refugees to remain in the UK permanently.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Pauline McNeill, Richard Lyle, Ivan McKee, Bill Kidd, Neil Findlay, Andy Wightman, Mark Ruskell, John Finnie, John Mason, Maree Todd

Current Status: Fallen on 20/06/2017