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Congratulations to Central and West Integration Network on Project Funding

That the Parliament congratulates the Central and West Integration Network in the Glasgow Kelvin constituency on being awarded a £48,248 Young Start grant to establish an after school youth project for young people who are black or minority ethnic, asylum seekers or refugees; believes that the project will benefit 100 young people and encourage friendships, help reduce isolation and increase children's confidence in themselves, and welcomes the allocation of this funding to help provide development and support for young people across Glasgow.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Joan McAlpine, James Dornan, Ruth Maguire, Ivan McKee, Clare Haughey, Ash Denham, Rona Mackay, Kenneth Gibson, Jeremy Balfour, Colin Beattie, David Torrance, Stuart McMillan, Richard Lyle, Fulton MacGregor, Gillian Martin, Clare Adamson, Jenny Gilruth, Tom Arthur

Current Status: Fallen on 20/06/2017