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Campaigners Win Changes for Staff at the G1 Group

That the Parliament commends the work of Better Than Zero and the STUC, and a campaign by workers following the announcement from the G1 Group that it will no longer use zero-hour contracts at any of its sites in Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland; notes that the G1 Group has also announced that staff will no longer be required to pay for uniform or breakages out of their wages or be docked for small instances of lateness, and that minimum hours contracts are to be introduced; further notes that the G1 Group has been previously named by the UK Government in a list of companies that failed to pay its staff the national minimum wage; understands that the announcement follows an intense campaign by Better Than Zero in response to a systematic campaign of complaints by staff; welcomes the action of staff to protest unacceptable working conditions to bring about this progress from the G1 Group; recognises that much progress has yet to be achieved toward ethical and respectful employment, and hopes that more workers who are subject to zero-hour contracts, low pay and exploitative policies will feel inspired by this success to organise together to fight against what it sees as these despicable practices to bring about their end.

Supported by: Mary Fee, Alex Rowley, Pauline McNeill, Mark Ruskell, John Finnie, Ruth Maguire, Richard Lyle, Alison Johnstone, Andy Wightman, Clare Adamson, Fulton MacGregor, Jackie Baillie, John Mason, Neil Findlay

Current Status: Fallen on 14/03/2017
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