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Support for the Better than Zero Campaign

That the Parliament congratulates the Better than Zero campaign on what it sees as the significant improvements that it has achieved for G1 Group workers; understands that, after a campaign of direct action and negotiations with the leisure group's management, the campaign has won a number of improvements in working conditions, including staff no longer being required to pay for their uniform or training, an end to zero-hours contracts and pay ceasing to be docked for spills or breakages; urges the G1 Group to live up to the promises that it has made, and believes that the progress made by the campaign proves the value of workers organising collectively to improve their conditions and of direct action as a method by which to do so.

Supported by: Andy Wightman, Bob Doris, Monica Lennon, Richard Lyle, Pauline McNeill, Stuart McMillan, Alison Johnstone, Elaine Smith, Fulton MacGregor, Patrick Harvie, John Mason, John Finnie, Neil Findlay, Mary Fee, Clare Haughey, Gil Paterson, Jackie Baillie, Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine, Daniel Johnson

Current Status: Fallen on 15/03/2017
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