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The British Army's Increased Intake of 16-year-olds

That the Parliament notes that the Ministry of Defence released its latest recruitment figures on 24 November 2016, with figures showing what it believes is a marked increase in the recruitment of 16-year-olds, making this the single biggest age group entering the army; notes that the army recruitment strategy states that the recruitment of minors is to mitigate a shortfall in recruits older than age 18, particularly for the infantry; believes this to be the most dangerous section of the armed forces, with infantry personnel in Afghanistan, for example, seven times more likely to be killed than from any other section of the British Army; acknowledges that the Royal Courts of Justice has ruled that the British Army does discriminate against recruits who are under the age of 18 due to a minimum service period that is far longer than older recruits, and has given them unlimited powers to do so; recognises that in 2014 a poll found that 78% of respondents who expressed a view thought that the minimum armed forces enlistment age should be 18, and supports calls for the UK Government to launch a review of the minimum armed forces enlistment age.

Supported by: Mark Ruskell, Rona Mackay, Ben Macpherson, Alison Johnstone, Ivan McKee, Ross Greer, Andy Wightman, Gil Paterson, John Mason, Emma Harper, John Finnie, Joan McAlpine, Richard Lyle, Fulton MacGregor, Maree Todd, Tom Arthur, Ash Denham, Gillian Martin

Current Status: Fallen on 14/03/2017