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500th Anniversary of the Birth of John Knox

That the Parliament recognises the 500th anniversary of John Knox’s birth; notes his contribution to modern Scotland and Protestantism; understands that he is recognised as the founding father of the Scottish Reformation and of Presbyterianism in Scotland; encourages Scots to explore his contribution toward the country's religion, government and identity; notes that Knox helped write the new confession of faith and the ecclesiastical order for the newly created reformed church; considers that, with hundreds of thousands of members, this denomination still plays a significant role in modern day Scotland; believes that Knox's work helped to shape the democratic form of governance that the Church of Scotland adopted; acknowledges the events taking place to celebrate this anniversary in his birthplace, Haddington, and commemorates the life of a man whom it sees as one of Scotland’s greatest sons. 

Supported by: Alex Johnstone, Iain Gray, Nanette Milne, Liz Smith, John Lamont, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Stuart McMillan, Margaret Mitchell, Angus MacDonald, Dave Thompson, David Torrance, Annabel Goldie

Current Status: Fallen on 09/05/2014