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Doing Their Duty?

The Parliament welcomes the publication of the Transform Scotland report, Doing their Duty?; notes the guidance that has been issued regarding the responsibilities of public bodies in reducing climate emissions; understands with concern that, despite travel plans being recognised as one of the most cost-effective means of reducing emissions, the report states that over 60% of public bodies do not have a travel plan in place; welcomes the finding that more public bodies are introducing low-emission vehicles but is concerned that the report claims that, for travel between the central belt and London, public bodies overwhelmingly choose to use air travel instead of rail, despite this being more carbon-intensive; commends the National Library of Scotland on its travel planning, West Lothian Council on its use of low-emission vehicles and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency on reducing its use of mainland flights by 96%, and calls on the public bodies that have not yet implemented a travel plan to do so by January 2015.

Supported by: James Kelly, Graeme Dey, David Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Patricia Ferguson, David Torrance, John Pentland, Elaine Murray, Iain Gray, Neil Findlay, Patrick Harvie, John Mason, John Finnie, Margaret McCulloch, Claire Baker, Jackie Baillie, Malcolm Chisholm, Jean Urquhart, Alison McInnes, Sarah Boyack, Richard Simpson, Marco Biagi, Claudia Beamish, Roderick Campbell, Margaret McDougall, Lewis Macdonald, Dave Thompson

Current Status: Fallen on 11/03/2014