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The Big Hospitality Conversation

That the Parliament welcomes the Big Hospitality Conversation summit, hosted by the British Hospitality Association and Springboard, which provides a forum for industry practitioners to meet young people interested in working in the hospitality industry; understands that, in Scotland, the hospitality industry directly employs 220,000 people, which is 9% of all employment; believes that the hospitality industry continues to offer great career opportunities for young people, and recognises what it sees as the determination of the sector to create pathways to work by increasing the number of apprenticeships available.  

Supported by: David Stewart, David Torrance, Nigel Don, Bruce Crawford, John Finnie, Alex Fergusson, Gil Paterson, Kenneth Gibson, Kevin Stewart, Jackie Baillie, Chic Brodie, John Mason, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Jamie Hepburn, Richard Simpson, Colin Beattie, Jamie McGrigor, Sarah Boyack, Dave Thompson, Rhoda Grant

Current Status: Fallen on 08/05/2013
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