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Raasay Crofters' Association

That the Parliament notes with concern the transfer of fishing and shooting rights on the island of Raasay from the Raasay Crofters’ Association to a South Ayrshire stalking firm; further notes that the association, which represents 11 crofters and has paid an annual fee of £650, was set up in 1994 to manage these rights on behalf of the local community; understands that the association held the lease from 1995 until November 2012 and that during that period it made the enterprise a success through its investment in training and facilities; queries if this success, which, it understands, resulted in a profitable butcher’s trade operating on the island, is one of the primary reasons that the lease was put out to tender for the first time in November 2012; understands that the Scottish Government informed the association that ministers were not obliged to accept the highest offer, and expresses concern at what it sees as this loss of local control and community involvement.

Supported by: John Finnie, Hanzala Malik, Joan McAlpine, Rhoda Grant, Colin Beattie, Claire Baker, Tavish Scott, Lewis Macdonald, Dave Thompson, Drew Smith, John Pentland, Jamie McGrigor, Hugh Henry, Murdo Fraser, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Patricia Ferguson, Neil Findlay, Claudia Beamish, Liam McArthur, Elaine Murray, David Torrance, Sandra White, Jackie Baillie, Sarah Boyack, Annabel Goldie, Patrick Harvie, Alison Johnstone, Willie Rennie

Current Status: Fallen on 08/05/2013
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