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BBC Responsibility to Provide In-depth Analysis of News and Current Affairs

That the Parliament notes with concern that what it considers the excellent weekly Radio Scotland programme, Newsweek Scotland, presented by Derek Bateman, is due to end early in 2012; considers that this will deprive listeners of the only remaining in-depth weekly analysis of news and current affairs in the period leading up to the Scottish referendum, during which time it considers that the general public has a right to expect the highest quality information and examination to be provided by the BBC, and so urges the BBC Trust to reverse this decision and ensure that the corporation meets its obligation to its audience.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Kevin Stewart, Gordon MacDonald, Maureen Watt, Mike MacKenzie, Roderick Campbell, Angus MacDonald, Kenneth Gibson, Humza Yousaf, John Mason, Bob Doris, Anne McTaggart, Joan McAlpine, Bill Walker, Jean Urquhart, David Torrance, Christine Grahame, Margaret Burgess, Jamie Hepburn, Patricia Ferguson, Linda Fabiani, Gil Paterson, Dave Thompson, Paul Wheelhouse, Elaine Smith, Stewart Maxwell, John Park, Dennis Robertson, Drew Smith, Mark McDonald, Jim Hume, Nanette Milne, Kezia Dugdale

Current Status: Fallen on 13/03/2012