Personal Information

  • Member for: Aberdeen South and North Kincardine
  • Party: Scottish National Party
  • Date of Birth: 23 June 1951

Aye Aye, fit like! Welcome to my pages on the Scottish Parliament website. I entered Parliament in April 2006 and became the first MSP to take the oath in Doric as well as English. I am passionate about the North-East, in history and culture. Coming from a farming family and having worked in education, finance and the oil sector I work to promote the importance of the North-East to Scotland's economy.

Personal Interests:
Family, swimming, gardening, walking.

Religious Affiliation:
Roman Catholic Church


    1962 - 1968
    Keith Grammar School
    1968 - 1972
    University of Strathclyde, Honours degree.
    1973 - 1974
    University of Birmingham

    Career History:

    1974 - 1976
    Comprehensive school teacher, Social Studies, Reading, Berkshire
    1977 - 1991
    Personal assistant for the Personnel Manager, KCA Deutag.

Further information

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