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    Find out how to submit a petition to the Scottish Parliament.

    By petitioning Parliament you can raise awareness of a particular campaign and put issues on the agenda which may not have been considered.

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    Find out about your MSPs

    Want to find details of your MSPs?

    Use our search to find out more about who represents you, the committees and cross-party groups they are part of, and what they’ve been doing in Parliament.

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    Find out about your MSPs

  • Nicola Sturgeon

    FMQs >> Video and Official Report

    Catch up on the action from Thursday's First Minister's Question Time by watching the video and reading the Official Report.

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    FMQs >> Video and Official Report

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    Education Committee to visit Peterhead

    The Education Committee will visit Peterhead, Aberdeenshire on Monday 29 January as part of their work on the Scottish Government's education reform proposals.

    They will meet with teachers, pupils and members of the public to find out more about the practical effects of the reforms.

    Come along to have your say!

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    Education Committee to visit Peterhead


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    Business Bulletin

    The Business Bulletin is published each morning when the Parliament is in session. It includes details of current, future and past business of the Parliament.

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    MSP pages

    Every MSP's page contains details of their recent speeches, motions, questions and voting records.

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    How the Parliament Works

    Find out how MSPs are elected, how committees work and how the Scottish Parliament makes laws.

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