Chanukiah, 2014

Julian Draper, designer (b. 1951, lives and works Edinburgh)

Nicholas Parry, maker (b. 1951, lives and works East Lothian)

The Chanukiah (or Menorah) is a candelabrum with nine branches which is used during Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.  The candles commemorate the Hanukkah miracle of one container of oil burning for eight days.  Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting one candle on each day.  The shamash is lit first and used to light the other candles until the eighth and final day, when all the branches are lit.

This Chanukiah was specially made for the Scottish Parliament using oak and sycamore to reflect the woods used in the construction of the Parliament building.  It was gifted by members of the Jewish community in Scotland and donated by the Dr. J. Rifkind family.

The Parliament's Chanukah





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