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An image of the European flag, below is a broadcast standard camera. Next to both of these images is the following text: Implications of the EU referendum on Scotland, European Union Legislation, European Communities or European Union issues, The Scottish Administration's links with countries and territories outside Scotland and the European Union, Matters falling within the responsibility of the Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs.    

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Committee Meetings

7th Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee Meeting 2020

Date: 7th Meeting, Thursday 27 February 2020

Location: the Robert Burns Room (CR1)

1. Declaration of interests: Gordon Lindhurst and Oliver Mundell will be invited to declare any relevant interests.

2. Subordinate legislation: The Committee will take evidence on the Census (Scotland) Order 2020 (SSI 2020/draft) from—

  • Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture, and Scott Matheson, Senior Principal Legal Officer, Scottish Government;
  • Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, National Records of Scotland.

3. Subordinate legislation: Fiona Hyslop (Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture) to move—

S5M-20742—That the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee recommends that the Census (Scotland) Order 2020 [draft] be approved.

4. Public petitions: PE1721: The Committee will consider the following petition—

PE1721 by John Hanks, on behalf of Friends of Geilston, on National tourism strategy for Scotland and the role of the National Trust for Scotland.

5. The Census (Scotland) Order 2020 (SSI 2020/draft) (in private): The Committee will consider a draft report.

The Official Report of this meeting is due for publication by 6 pm on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

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