1st Report, 2013 (Session 4): Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Public Service Pensions Bill (LCM(S4) 19.1)

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1st Report, 2013 (Session 4)

Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Public Service Pensions Bill (LCM(S4) 19.1)

Remit and membership


1. The remit of the Finance Committee is to consider and report on-

(a) any report or other document laid before the Parliament by members of the Scottish Executive containing proposals for, or budgets of, public expenditure or proposals for the making of a tax-varying resolution, taking into account any report or recommendations concerning such documents made to them by any other committee with power to consider such documents or any part of them;

(b) any report made by a committee setting out proposals concerning public expenditure;

(c) Budget Bills; and

(d) any other matter relating to or affecting the expenditure of the Scottish Administration or other expenditure payable out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund.

2. The Committee may also consider and, where it sees fit, report to the Parliament on the timetable for the Stages of Budget Bills and on the handling of financial business.

In these Rules, "public expenditure" means expenditure of the Scottish Administration, other expenditure payable out of the Scottish Consolidated Fund and any other expenditure met out of taxes, charges and other public revenue.

(Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament, Rule 6.6)


Gavin Brown
Malcolm Chisholm
Kenneth Gibson (Convener)
Jamie Hepburn
John Mason (Deputy Convener)
Michael McMahon
Jean Urquhart

Committee Clerking Team:

Clerk to the Committee
Jim Johnston

Senior Assistant Clerk
Fergus Cochrane

Assistant Clerk
Alan Hunter

Committee Assistant
Parminder Kaur

Legislative Consent Memorandum on the Public Service Pensions Bill (LCM(S4) 19.1)

The Committee reports to the Parliament as follows—

1. At its meeting on 9 January 2013, the Committee considered a legislative consent memorandum (LCM) on the Public Service Pensions Bill (LCM(S4) 19.1)1 and took evidence from John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable Growth.

2. The LCM does not contain a legislative consent motion and the Scottish Government sets out its explanation in the LCM for not lodging a motion.

3. The Committee asked for, and received, clarification on a number of points during the evidence session. The Official Report of the meeting can be found on the Parliament’s website.2

4. The Committee is content with the terms of the LCM.


1 Scottish Government. (2013) Legislative Consent Memorandum: Public Service Pensions Bill. Available at: www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/Bills/52619.aspx

2 Scottish Parliament Finance Committee. Official Report, 9 January 2013. Available at: www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/28862.aspx?r=7664&mode=pdf

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