Phase 3 - Judicial Review



In its letter to the Permanent Secretary dated 19 May, the Committee sought information from the Scottish Government in relation to the judicial review. The following evidence from the Scottish Government has been published in line with the Committee's written statement on the handling of evidence. Redactions in purple have been made by the Scottish Parliament in accordance with that statement, all others have been made by the Scottish Government.

The Committee also requested from the Scottish Government a written statement with an overview of the roles and responsibilities in relation to the Scottish Government’s conduct of litigation generally and in this case in particular; the extent to which the Scottish Government kept emerging details and prospects of success under review; and how the decision to settle was taken, including the timing of the decision and what factors contributed to the cost of settlement.

Each individual PDF is linked to a footnote within the Scottish Government's written statement - for example, Phase2FN15 is the documents provided by the Scottish Government to support footnote 15 in its written statement. 

This page should be referred to alongside the written evidence page, which contains information relating to the whole inquiry, including this phase of the inquiry.

The Convener wrote to the Permanent Secretary on 11 August 2020 regarding the evidence provided by the Scottish Government in relation to the judicial review:

Evidence from the Scottish Government

Scottish Government written statement, 20 July 2020



Written statement on Scottish Government participation in the Judicial Review: chronology of events, 7 September 2020 (688KB pdf)

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