Control Of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 - written submissions received

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/01 Friends of the Braids (66KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/02 Highland Council (33KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/03 Friends of the Hermitage (51KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/04 A-LAW Centre for Animal Law (95KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/05 Yvonne Fielding (105KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/06 East Ayrshire Council (62KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/07 David Littlewood (66KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/08 South Ayrshire Council (62KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/09 Tom Tennant (492KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/10 Lydia Reid (78KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/11 Falkirk Council (67KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/12 Stirling Council (63KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/13 West Lothian Council (92KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/14 Aberdeenshire Council (65KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/15 Dundee City Council (65KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/16 SSPCA (757 KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/17 South Lanarkshire Council (69KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/18 BVA and BSAVA Joint Response (271KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/19 Fife Council (63KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/20 National Dog Warden Association Scotland (90KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/21 Scottish Kennel Club (131KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/22 CWU Scotland (344KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/23 Glasgow City Council (137KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/24 Perth and Kinross Council (129KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/25 NFU Scotland (182KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/26 Aberdeen City Council (105KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/27 Argyll and Bute Council (111KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/28 Laura MacLeod (169KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/29 Police Scotland (121KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/30 Janet Dube (92KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/31 Elizabeth Toal (184KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/32 PDSA (193KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/33 Ann Cullen (87KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/34 Battersea Dogs Home (235KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/35 Dogs Trust (110KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/36 Dumfries and Galloway Council (96KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/37 CWU UK (275KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/38 Claire Booth (116KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/39 Royal Mail Group (245 KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/40 Canine Concern Scotland Trust (84KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/41 Mike Haseler (128KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/42 Renfrewshire Council (134KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/43 The Law Society of Scotland (180KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/44 Radio Clyde (260KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/45 Scottish Land and Estates (152KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/46 Animal Behaviour Clinic (95KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/47 Lesley Morrison (131KB pdf)

PAPLS/S5/18/COD/A1 Anonymous (131KB pdf)

PAPLS/S/18/COD/A2 Anonymous (78KB pdf)


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