Construction and Scotland’s Economy


About the Inquiry

Cranes at Edinburgh St James

The Economy, Energy, Fair Work Committee agreed to hold an inquiry on the construction sector in Scotland. The remit of the inquiry is –

To understand the characteristics and challenges of Scotland’s construction sector to ensure the sector realises its full potential in contributing to a productive and inclusive Scottish economy. Specific areas of focus will include: economic impact; access to finance; skills; procurement; infrastructure investment; and innovation.

The Construction is a wide-ranging sector, where industry outputs vary from minor improvements to major capital projects across the realms of infrastructure, commercial, and residential. The sector is an important driver of the wider economy, due to the impact that construction investment has on other sectors. The sector helps to underpin Scotland’s economy via housing provision, developing transport infrastructure, contributing to the sustainability of the built environment, delivering infrastructure for health services, educational, and community activities across Scotland. Despite its role as a driver of economic activity, the sector is not without its challenges.

We plan to focus on the following areas of priority within this Inquiry – 

  • Economic impact of the construction sector 
  • Access to finance 
  • Construction skills planning system 
  • The construction procurement model 
  • Meeting Scotland’s infrastructure needs 
  • Driving innovation
  • Land asset management 


The Committee has issued a call for written views. The deadline for submission is Wednesday 13 February 2019.

Read the Call for Written Views

The Committee has also launched an online survey. The deadline for submission is Friday 8 February 2019.

Link to the online survey


The Committee held a scene-setting evidence session on 5 February 2019:

Official Report, 5 February 2019

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