Work Programme

Health and Sport Committee

Work Programme 2019-2021

In the latter part of 2018, the Health and Sport Committee agreed three new inquiries to be undertaken before the 2021 election and these are summarised below.  Webpages will be linked from here once they are live.

1.     Primary Care (spring/early summer 2019)

"What does Primary Care look like for the next generation?".

  • Focus on service users across Scotland:  What do they want, how do they see services being delivered, by who, where, when and how - all key questions the Committee will be asking.
  • Initial approach is for public panels to discuss and share their views with Members.

The second part will consider the above views and focus on:

  • New GP Contract and the development of the hub model.

2.    Social Care Capacity (expected later in 2019)

The original impetus for the Committee considering this topic stemmed from closures of residential care facilities and general funding issues with both independent and council run facilities.

Full details still to be confirmed but likely to include:

  • The sustainability of the current approach to social care, including care at home and residential care.
  • How social care would look, and be financed, in 2030.
  • The number of different bodies involved in organising or delivering care and support to those in need.

3.    Medicines (likely to be 2020)

Four related parts:

  • Purchasing (including procurement, minimisation of cost to the Scottish NHS)
  • Prescribing (how can current prescribing be influenced to minimise the cost to the Scottish NHS)
  • Dispensing (the role of pharmacy and cost-effectiveness)
  • Consumption (how effective are measures to reduce wastage and how can they be improved)

Other ongoing current business can be found here.  This includes our full-year scrutiny of the Scottish Government budget within the remit of the Health and Sport Committee.

Completed business can be found here.

Full details and timings of our work programme will, unless shown, be agreed during the year and may be subject to change.

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