Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-10869 Linda Fabiani: South Lanarkshire College, Now is Your Time—That the Parliament congratulates South Lanarkshire College on the breaking of the ground for the campus’ new on-site £2.1 million building by the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning; understands that the new building will have eight state-of-the-art multipurpose learning areas and contain flexible learning and workspace for students, staff, communities and private enterprises to allow them access to the latest technologies in accessibility, building technologies, energy efficiency and IT; praises the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability and accessibility by applying standards that go beyond the requirements of current legislation, allowing it to achieve a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) outstanding rating, and wishes all staff and students the very best at the college as it looks forward to the opening planned for May 2016.

*S4M-10868 Alison Johnstone: Hugh Miller and the Cruise of the Betsey—That the Parliament welcomes and expresses interest in the Cruise of the Betsey, a tribute voyage to the work of Hugh Miller, a self-taught geologist who undertook a similar voyage 170 years ago and is credited with discovering, on the Isle of Eigg, fossilised bones of the plesiosaur, an extinct marine reptile from the age of the dinosaurs; considers that the modern voyage, which is led by the Royal Scottish Geological Society and the Friends of Hugh Miller, is of value in inspiring young geologists and earth scientists, as well as celebrating the Hebridean islands’ landscapes, seascapes, and culture, and wishes all the crew of the vessel an enjoyable and informative voyage.

*S4M-10867 Patricia Ferguson: Great Britain’s Success at 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich—That the Parliament congratulates the athletes of the Great Britain team at the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich; understands that Team GB won nine gold medals, the highest number at the event, and were joint top of the final medal table alongside France, with 23 medals; notes that three Scottish athletes won four medals between them, with Chris O’Hare winning bronze in the 1,500m, Lynsey Sharp winning silver in the 800m and Eilidh Child winning gold and bronze in the 400m hurdles and 4x400m relay respectively, and commends all the athletes and coaches involved in the team for their hard work in delivering this success.

*S4M-10866 John Pentland: SFA Community Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Lesley Staniard and Ian McGurk from Motherwell on each being awarded an SFA Community Award; notes that these awards, which are presented by McDonalds, recognise and reward volunteers who are believed to make a difference to grassroots football in their community; understands that Lesley received an SFA Girls and Women’s Football Community Award in recognition of her work in establishing and expanding the girls’ academy at Wishaw Wycombe Wanderers as well as managing the team’s finances, securing sponsorship deals and coaching a number of the teams; notes that Ian was awarded an SFA Disability Football Community Award for the coaching that he provides at Firpark School to disabled children that allows them to take part in football events both in and out of school, and wishes both Lesley and Neil good luck for the future.

Supported by: John Lamont*, Liam McArthur*, Anne McTaggart*, Hanzala Malik*

*S4M-10865 David Torrance: Innovative Offshore Wind Turbines Tested at Fife Energy Park—That the Parliament welcomes the news that Fife Energy Park in Methil has received permission to test a new offshore wind turbine design; understands that this will allow the installation of two 185-metre tall demonstration devices being developed by the Dutch firm, 2-B Energy; believes that the new test turbine has the potential to drive down costs and make offshore wind a more competitive energy alternative; understands that the turbine will feature the revolutionary two-blade rotor, an integrated heli-deck, lattice steelwork structure and will be 6MW rated, making it one of the most powerful units in the world; welcomes the continued development of offshore wind technology at Fife Energy Park, and wishes all involved in the Methil project much success.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Joan McAlpine*, Roderick Campbell*, Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Mike MacKenzie*, Annabelle Ewing*, Dennis Robertson*

*S4M-10864 Dennis Robertson: 150th Ballater Highland Games—That the Parliament acknowledges the 150th Ballater Highland Games, which has been held every year since 1864; appreciates the cultural and historical importance of the Games for the community of Ballater and the surrounding area; notes that the Games continually encompasses a variety of events and programmes inclusive of all ages and abilities, and wishes the Games and its Chieftain, Captain Alwyne A C Farquharson MC of Invercauld, many more years of continued success in hosting these long-established and highly regarded events.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Nanette Milne*, Kevin Stewart*, Kenneth Gibson*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Stuart McMillan*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-10863 David Torrance: Burntisland and District Pipe Band’s Success at the World Pipe Band Championships—That the Parliament congratulates the Burntisland and District Pipe Band on picking up silverware at the recent World Pipe Band Championships; understands that this is the 15th consecutive time that the band, which is one of the country’s oldest civilian bands, has competed in the championships; believes that it has enjoyed one of its best seasons in which it has won first place at the British championships, second at the Scottish and now first in its grade at the World championships; hopes that these achievements will encourage many more young people to become interested in taking up the pipes or drums, and wishes the band continued success.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Kevin Stewart*, Kenneth Gibson*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Dennis Robertson*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-10862 Bob Doris: Helping Those in Food Need—That the Parliament commends the work of foodbanks in providing much-needed help to people in food poverty across Scotland; welcomes an additional £518,000 in funding from the Scottish Government for 26 projects connected to supporting foodbanks across the country, including £40,000 to the Greater Maryhill foodbank and up to £10,000 to the Community Links foodbank in Blantyre; is concerned by the Trussell Trust’s report of a significant surge in demand for foodbanks; believes that this is principally due to UK welfare reforms, including an unwarranted and punitive use of sanctions; notes that those accessing food banks include both those on benefits and the working poor; believes that the Scottish Government is using all levers currently at its disposal to mitigate the worst aspects of welfare reform, which has seen £6 billion taken from the most vulnerable people in Scotland by the UK Government, but that, while the £258 million deployed to date by the Scottish Government is welcome, this goes only a small way to easing the burden, and believes that, if there is a No vote in the referendum, such food need will only increase, given that the main three UK parties are signed up to a further £25 billion in cuts and a hefty cull of Scotland’s finances.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Stuart McMillan*, Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-10861 David Torrance: Congratulating A Bite and a Blether on NHS Fife Health Improvement Funding—That the Parliament congratulates the Kirkcaldy project, A Bite and a Blether, on receiving a share of over £40,000 of NHS Fife Health Improvement Funding for 2014-15; understands that the project will use this funding to help set up a community café in Gallatown, Kirkcaldy, and to provide training to two members of staff to become local food champions; believes that the funding was only awarded to sustainable local initiatives seen to be dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and establishing a lasting health legacy for the people of Fife, and wishes the A Bite and a Blether project every success with the launch of its café.

Supported by: Anne McTaggart*, Stuart McMillan*, Annabelle Ewing*, Bill Kidd*, Roderick Campbell*, Maureen Watt*, Joan McAlpine*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Liz Smith*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*

*S4M-10860♦ Claudia Beamish: Skills Partnerships—That the Parliament recognises what it considers the important role of Skills Partnerships in South Scotland and across the country; believes that the partnerships illustrate successful collaboration between colleges and local employers, which is in line with the recommendations of the Commission for Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, particularly for college courses, to meet the changing needs of local and regional economies; understands that Skills Partnerships allow particular sectors to share knowledge and best practice; recognises the value of skills partnerships across a range of sectors, including energy, finance and creative arts; considers that skills development is a crucial factor in career progression and that skills partnerships can play a major role in contributing to development; recognises that the partnerships operate throughout Scotland, which shows that the model can be applied to any college sector collaboration and is sustainable beyond the life of the project; believes that skills partnerships are a vehicle through which collaboration between colleges for outreach work can take place, especially in rural areas where courses can be inaccessible, and considers that, in the case of energy skills partnerships, this approach ensures that the right skills are being delivered and Scotland has the workforce, skills and competence required by all sectors and ensures that the industry can grow to meet increased demand and embrace new technologies, as well as offering transferrable skills courses to allow Scotland to move toward a low-carbon economy.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik*, Anne McTaggart*, Rhoda Grant*, John Pentland*, Alex Rowley*, Neil Findlay*, Cara Hilton*, Margaret McCulloch*, Richard Simpson*, Ken Macintosh*

*S4M-10859 Kenneth Gibson: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism—That the Parliament commemorates 23 August 2014 as the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism; notes that this day marks the 75th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed in Moscow by the Soviet and Nazi foreign ministers, Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop respectively; understands that, while publicly this was a non-aggression pact, it included a secret protocol, which divided territories of eastern Europe into Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence and that, following this pact, Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, marking the beginning of the Second World War; understands that this pact was the collusion of the two worst forms of totalitarianism in recent history and led ultimately to the violent and unnecessary deaths of tens of millions of people, and recognises that the purpose of this day of remembrance is to preserve the memory of the victims of mass deportations and exterminations while promoting democratic values with the aim of reinforcing peace and stability in Europe.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Joan McAlpine*, Roderick Campbell*, Maureen Watt*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Murdo Fraser*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Kevin Stewart*, Ken Macintosh*, Dennis Robertson*

*S4M-10858 Graeme Dey: New Chairman of the Scottish Wildlife Trust—That the Parliament notes that Allan Bantick, the current chairman of the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT), will step down in September 2014; commends the work that he has done over his six year tenure; recognises that Allan has had a wide and varied career, including owning a record label and working as an RAF survival instructor; welcomes the former Green MSP, Robin Harper, to the role; recognises that Robin Harper sat on the rural affairs committee and made contributions to numerous pieces of environmental legislation, such as the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003, the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 and the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009; looks forward to the SWT continuing to flourish under Robin’s chairmanship, and wishes both men every future success.

Supported by: Mark McDonald*, Joan McAlpine*, Jean Urquhart*, Annabelle Ewing*, Cara Hilton*, Angus MacDonald*, Bill Kidd*, Maureen Watt*, Jackie Baillie*, Christian Allard*, Claudia Beamish*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Liam McArthur*, Stuart McMillan*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*

*S4M-10857 Liz Smith: 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich—That the Parliament congratulates all the Scottish members of Team GB who competed in the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich; considers that, following a record-breaking Commonwealth Games for Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the British athletes produced a remarkable last-day performance to top the medal table for only the third time in European championship history, with a record-breaking 12 gold, five silver and six bronze medals; congratulates all the athletes who represented Great Britain at the championships, and wishes them well in future meets.

Supported by: Nanette Milne*, Hanzala Malik*, David Stewart*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Alex Fergusson*, Jim Hume*, Cameron Buchanan*, John Lamont*, Mary Scanlon*, Iain Gray*, Murdo Fraser*, Patricia Ferguson*, Tavish Scott*, John Pentland*, Jamie McGrigor*, Neil Findlay*, Anne McTaggart*, Margaret Mitchell*, Jackson Carlaw*, Elaine Murray*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-10856 Kevin Stewart: Marine Litter Strategy—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of Scotland’s first Marine Litter Strategy; understands that vessels participating in KIMO’s Fishing for Litter initiative landed over 374 tonnes of litter between 2011 and 2014 and that the problem costs every vessel in the Scottish fleet an estimated £17,000 a year and poses a danger to marine wildlife; notes the existing efforts to tackle the problem in partnership with groups including KIMO, the Marine Conservation Society and Keep Scotland Beautiful; understands that the strategy will look at both cleaning and prevention, for example of the 80% of marine litter that is believed to have originally been dropped on land, and agrees with the chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, Derek Robertson, that the implementation of this strategy could make Scotland the cleanest country in Europe.

Supported by: Mark McDonald*

*S4M-10855 Neil Findlay: Compensate Blacklisted Workers or Receive no Public Contracts—That the Parliament supports the GMB’s recent call to prevent Carillion, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and VINCI PLC from tendering for public contracts in Scotland until satisfactory compensation has been paid to the 582 Scottish workers who were blacklisted and, it believes, are owed compensation; considers that what the affected workers have been offered in compensation is derisory and woefully inadequate, given the devastating damage inflicted on people in their working lives and the colossal invasion of their privacy; therefore recommends that firms that have been engaged in blacklisting, but have as yet not demonstrated appropriate remedial action, should not be allowed to benefit from public funding in Scotland.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-10854 Barrhead to Receive £44 Million Investment as Part of Glasgow City Deal Project ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Kenneth Gibson*

S4M-10851 Home-Start Aberdeen’s 50in50 Volunteer Recruitment Campaign (lodged on 20 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Stuart McMillan*, Maureen Watt*

S4M-10850 Shelley Kerr, First Female Manager in Scottish Men’s Senior Football ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Bill Kidd*, Alison McInnes*, Cara Hilton*, Iain Gray*, Kenneth Gibson*, Kezia Dugdale*, John Mason*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mark McDonald*, Neil Findlay*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Christina McKelvie*, Stuart McMillan*, Kevin Stewart*, Claire Baker*, Elaine Murray*, Maureen Watt*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10849 Remembering Professor Andy MacMillan 1928–2014 ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) John Pentland*, Mark McDonald*, Anne McTaggart*, Rhoda Grant*, Hanzala Malik*, Kenneth Gibson*, Elaine Murray*, Jean Urquhart*, Annabelle Ewing*, Jackie Baillie*, Maureen Watt*, Stuart McMillan*, Rob Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*

S4M-10848 Love Scotch Lamb Weekend ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Aileen McLeod*, Angus MacDonald*, John Mason*, Mark McDonald*, Neil Findlay*, Rob Gibson*, Maureen Watt*

S4M-10847 Access to Credit Union Services ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Patricia Ferguson*, Mark McDonald*, Neil Findlay*, Mike MacKenzie*, Elaine Murray*, Stuart McMillan*

S4M-10846 Protecting the Environment ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Maureen Watt*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10845 Glasgow Wood Recycling Project Expands Employment Project (lodged on 20 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*, Maureen Watt*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10844 Cap on GDPA Affects 600,000 Patients ­(lodged on 20 August 2014) Graeme Pearson*

S4M-10842 Funding for Hospitalfield House ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10841 Culture Counts ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10840 Forgewood Housing Co-operative ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10839 Robot-assisted Surgery Comes to Aberdeen ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Aileen McLeod*, Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10838 Sunshine Appeal in Germany ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Gordon MacDonald*, Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10831 Family Mediation South Lanarkshire, Investing in Communities, Supporting 21st Century Life ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10830 Team Renfrewshire to Build Homes in Lesotho ­(lodged on 19 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10827 Methilhill Strollers Football Team Raises £1,050 for Cancer Research UK ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Claire Baker*, Anne McTaggart*, Hanzala Malik*

S4M-10826 Recognising the Impact of Volunteers ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Claire Baker*

S4M-10825 Victory for Johnstone Pipe Band ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10824 Flag Up Scotland Jamaica ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10823 Cumbernauld Recognises Contribution of Airedale Terriers to the First World War ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10821 Awards for All Grants for Falkirk East Projects Welcomed ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10820 Dloko High School Choir Visits the Scottish Parliament ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Gordon MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10819 Spike in Antisemitic Incidents in Scotland ­(lodged on 18 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Annabel Goldie*

S4M-10818 Good Luck to the Marie Curie Walk Ten Glasgow Event ­(lodged on 15 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10817 Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre ­(lodged on 15 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10816 Scotland’s Churches and the Independence Referendum ­(lodged on 15 August 2014) Cameron Buchanan*, Mark McDonald*, Ken Macintosh*

S4M-10815 EHRC Report on the Commercial Cleaning Industry ­(lodged on 15 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10814 GUST Celebrates its 50th Birthday ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10813 Creative Orkney Conference 2014 ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10812 Happy Sunshine Club Receives £7,240 Awards for All Grant ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10811 Fife Schools Badminton Association Receives £9,350 Awards for All Grant ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10810 Fife Schools Football Association Receives £1,100 Awards for All Grant ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10809 Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association Receives a £3,320 Awards for All Grant ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10808 Glasgow Anniesland Groups Benefit from the Big Lottery ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Angus MacDonald*, Mark McDonald*

S4M-10807 Green Apple Environment Awards for the Falkirk Greenspace Initiative and the Helix ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10806 Dunnet Bay Distillers Ltd, Mainland Britain’s Most Northerly Gin Distillery ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Maureen Watt*

S4M-10805 3,000 Trees Receives Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Nomination ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10804 HM YOI Polmont Takes up Money for Life Challenge ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*, Maureen Watt*

S4M-10803.1 British Medical Journal Survey ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Mark McDonald*

S4M-10802 East Kilbride’s Special Needs Adventure Playground ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Maureen Watt*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-10801 2nd Annual Edinburgh International Culture Summit ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Maureen Watt*

S4M-10800 Edinburgh’s Housing Policy 10 ­(lodged on 14 August 2014) Maureen Watt*

S4M-10799 Hamilton Businesses Support Breastfeeding Mums ­(lodged on 13 August 2014) Maureen Watt*

S4M-10787 Congratulations to Aberdeen Groups ­(lodged on 13 August 2014) Maureen Watt*

S4M-10778 Fare thee weel, US Congressman Mike McIntyre ­(lodged on 12 August 2014) Rhoda Grant*, Cara Hilton*, Ken Macintosh*

S4M-10773 20th Anniversary and Successful Open Day at Contact Point in Buckhaven ­(lodged on 11 August 2014) Dennis Robertson*

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