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I am looking for your support on a massive issue that affects so many carers of all ages, from as young as they can walk and talk till older adulthood. Many carers face huge financial difficulty and are unable to have much of a social life of their own, as they can not afford to get around by public transport. It could be the simple task of getting to shops, collecting medication from the chemist, socialising with friends or doing many other caring duties that carers face on a daily basis.

The cost of travel may not seem alot of money to many but £4.00 per adult a day adds up to £28.00 a week and most carers just do not have this sort of money and of course weekly or even monthly tickets just simply aren't an option. Having concessionary travel, or even a discount on travel, would be such a huge help to carers across the country who already do so much for others. The discount could be something as simple as reducing the rate for carers to be the same amount students pay. This in turn would go a huge way to helping carers have better lives.

45% of young adult carers (18-25) have reported that they have mental health problems due to their caring role and the struggles they face because of it. 68.8% of older carers say that being a carer has an adverse affect on their mental health. This could be lessened by such a small change like concessionary or discounted travel. Being a carer is not all bad - I have never regretted caring for my mum, despite the hardships and barriers that I faced because of it, simply because she is my mum and I love her. Carers do this on a daily basis because they care...This is why I feel so strongly about breaking down these barriers to caring, such as transport.

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