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I witnessed a relative being what I can only describe as butchered by our NHS through her diagnosis of breast cancer so much so my book, Peter Campbell Reborn, shows the world my disgust and anger. She worked for 8 years in a hospice and I still wonder today if this caused her to have contacted cancer. In 2006 she had a small lump, by 2010 she went through 4 years of suffering side effects of chemotherapy then finally dying in my arms in the very place she once worked.  My friends and many on F/B are now getting much help of electromedicine machines, some use a magnetic pulsator for pain, also my other friend is now cancer free. This is medical fact. I gave my local dementia ward a demo with some of my machines like my Photon Genie, everyone was very inspired on that day. Our NHS is lagging behind the world in this field of 21st century medicine, especially as we all grow older and our Alzheimer’s epidemic spreads worse.

Peter Campbell, UKIP health activist, Scottish candidate for 2015 General Election. I am a prophet, even prophesised Scottish Referendum result.

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