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The issues I am campaigning on have been taken up with my local councillor, my local MSP and my Member of Parliament. I have also spoken to Tim Farron MP and Michael Shrimpton.

My replies from Tim Farron MP, Michael Shrimpton and Alison McInnes MSP have all being posititve. Tim and Alison have both made efforts on my behalf to make changes to this difficult situation.

The child abuse campaign in Scotland particularly is a rather touchy subject matter from the experiences I have had in both media enquiries and street work when a lot of people seem to think that after Operation Yewtree, Operation Grange and Operation Daybreak that these issues are not a threat.

Child abuse is a campaign in which many people find it difficult talk about, even more so when it is in direct conflict with establishment figures who have been named and people within their very circle.

There is a fear of speaking out. Various people from legal societies, courts and also police have created this environment of intimidation both north and south of the border. I feel very passionate about this issue especially when I have been involved with Operation Grange and have given them evidence to help in their inquiries.

I wrote to the NSPCC about my proposal to legislate for mandatory reporting of child sex abuse. The NSPCC's response was broadly supportive of my petition, noting that child safeguarding and protection works best when there is an effective structure that:

• focuses on the best interests of the child
• creates good protective, organisational cultures;
• supports children speaking out and being heard;
• has external checks to make sure the right measures are being implemented; and
• takes action when the system fails to protect children properly, including giving protection to those who report their concerns or take action to make children safe.


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