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PE01570: Parental Rights To Child Contact


Petitioner: Alan Lee


Date Lodged: 15 July 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to change or review the laws that govern parental rights and child access, and their implementation, to ensure the resident parent cannot stop the non-resident parent from contact with his/her child.

Petition History:


22 September 2015: The Committee took evidence from Alan Lee. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Legal Aid Board, the Lord President and the Family Law Association. Link to Official Report 22 September 2015

1 December 2015: The Committee agreed to defer further consideration of the petition until the Committee considers PE1589 on an independent review of child contact and financial provision post-separation at a future meeting. Link to Official Report 1 December 2015

9 February 2016: The Committee agreed to provide, by way of a letter to the Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, the Committee’s views on issues for inclusion in the Family Justice Modernisation Strategy. The Committee agreed to consider a draft letter, based on the issues that have been highlighted in the petitions, at a future meeting. Link to Official Report 9 February 2016

23 February 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the Scottish Government is committed to undertaking a review of the issues raised in the petition within the context of the Family Justice Modernisation Strategy. In doing so, the Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 23 February 2016

Written Submissions:


  • Do you think both parents should have the right for contact with their child/children at all times especially during their seperation/divorce?
  • Should there be a law or a fine for resident parents who stop the non-resident parent from contact with their child?
  • Do you think contact for a child to their parent is in the best interest of the child?
  • Do you think there should be tightened legislation which will not allow anyone stopping them from seeing their child unless it's by the court?



If the legislation is in place why not enforce it simple

Gordon Mckie

6:57 on 15 Jul 2015

A child requires both parents in their lives. Sick to death of seeing, reading and first hand, the child being used as a weapon to try and hurt by woman who flaunt and play the courts to hurt good dads! Now I have no doubt that there are certain scenarios where extra contact should be assessed but 90 percent of the time, lack of contact is out of spite purely to hurt. Time to get the law re-assessed and appropriate punishments put into place for those that break contact. I also fully support the reducing of legal aid, another system that is in place to fill other people's pockets with cash and allows this nonsense to continue.

Dunc Mackay

15:54 on 10 Jul 2015

If you have a son its hell to watch women using kids as tools

Kymm monkhouse

18:49 on 30 Jun 2015

On the day of my birthday, I don't even get to see my kids. Where is the justification in that??

Alan Lee

20:11 on 29 Jun 2015

Jealous bitter females who flaunt the court and social work systems time and time again...breaking numerous court orders, making false allegations against the father (with no evidence may I add) ongoing emotional abuse towards the child and being obstructive at every opportunity should be made examples of! There needs to be a shake up in the law and the system as a whole as there are thousands of fathers out there who are being pushed out of their child (s) life for no reason. Time and money wasted on courts that could be better spent on the child....isn't that "what's in the best interest for a child" to be able to spend time with both families (and extended family) of both parents...not just the mothers! Time for a change! NEVER GIVE UP! MOTHER DOESN'T ALWAYS KNOW BEST in situations such as these ones!

Lindsay Johnstone

9:05 on 29 Jun 2015

It's time some of the people in judgement of these cases got some background info from friends and neighbours. The men fighting to see their kids are doing it because they love them no other reason.

Ian Mclean

8:58 on 29 Jun 2015

I think every father should have the right to see there children unless there a rapist towards kids

Nicky John sevenoaks

19:09 on 19 Jun 2015

Family courts and social services simply cannot spend time or money in amounts that match the difficulty of trying to predict who will be the better single parent. The country already spends more than it can afford on the job of unjustly taking parental rights from fit parents, causing untold terror and grief to their helpless children, and devastating the family financially. Equal parenting is what children need according to the convincing research, but decisions are based on Victorian Era bias, instead. Until the day when we can stop this evil, the sole custody system should at least enforce its own rules. The law should demand fines based on mother's income or significant community service or both for every incident of access withholding by a custodial parent. Children's lost access time should be compensated twofold at the noncustodial parent's convenience. At the third or subsequent incident of access withholding within a year, the noncustodial parent should have the option of taking interim custody of the child while the system considers a permanent change of custody. These provisions are feasible as changes in law. The government should stop corrupting custodial parents by awarding legal aid in custody disputes only where there is an allegation of domestic abuse. False allegations are quite possibly doing more damage to more children than actual abuse in families -- we don't have the research to know. Family courts and social services should first do no harm, and they are failing that standard miserably in this and other ways.

Eric Tarkington

17:33 on 19 Jun 2015

Its really sad how one parent can be so harsh towards a person they loved at one point in time and for there own hatered towards the other stops a father seeing there child and also go to the lengths of going to court to see there own child. As adults are we not supposed to be the ones teaching our children moral guidance when a child is involved in these disputes what must they think. As a person who is just about to go through this process very soon I believe any help to make the process faster is fantastic as the bond between father and child is just as important for the childs well being as that of mother and child. And lets all be honest its the childrens well being thats important not a grudge held by the mother towards the father.

gavin ritchie

17:29 on 19 Jun 2015

Your comments are extremely valuable.. It is extremely sad that as a father, I have to fight to see my child, sad I have to petition the government for change, sad for my kids... It is not in the best interest of the child that they don't get to see their father or mother and extended family. I understand the Scottish Government has no plans to change the current law, however, I hope to get as many signatures as possible and push for change. Change not for me but for my children. I want to thank you for your comments and signing the petition. Please share the petition and ask your family and friends to sign. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alan Lee

15:25 on 15 Jun 2015

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