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PE01815: Translocate protected beavers to reduce licensed killing

Environment Energy

Petitioner: Steve Micklewright on behalf of Trees for Life


Closing Date for Online Petition: 27 August 2020

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to initiate a programme to translocate protected beavers to suitable habitat outside existing beaver range, to minimise the need to kill animals adversely impacting arable farmland. 

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This policy of not allowing translocations within Scotland makes a mockery of Scot Gov commitments under the Bern Convention. Organisations like RSPB have offered to host displaced beavers within suitable habitat within the current range yet have been turned down by Scot Gov and SNH. Instead you are giving licences to kill twenty percent of the population.

Jane Sears

7:27 on 20 Jul 2020

With a little cooperation there are beavers co-existing happily with farming in the heart of strathmore. Space for all. No need to kill or translocations. Beaver deceiver keeps field clear and farm uses beaver pool water for irrigation in times of drought. Been this way since Beavers first here. Proud of my farming neighbours. Ashamed of those that bankstrip and cause erosion just to starve out nature.

Elspeth Stirling

22:08 on 19 Jul 2020

Here's to the relocation of beavers to other part's of the country rather than killing them!

James William Quinn

17:42 on 19 Jul 2020

Please leave the beautifull beavers alone

Lisa collins

15:31 on 19 Jul 2020

Translocation should be the first option and always before lethal control.

David Anderson

10:59 on 19 Jul 2020

Beavers are good for biodiversity and flood control.

Elaine Martay

8:07 on 19 Jul 2020

Please protect the beavers!

Caroline Mellor

6:43 on 19 Jul 2020

Beavers are important in managing flood risk in climate change

Anne Rogers

23:45 on 18 Jul 2020

I think Beavers have an important place in managing flood risk with climate change.

Anne Rogers

23:43 on 18 Jul 2020


Amy Kapherr-Diament

21:35 on 18 Jul 2020

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