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PE01576: Blue Badges for children with Autism and Down's Syndrome

People Communities

Petitioner: Owain Martin


Date Lodged: 12 September 2015

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to change the law so that children with autism and Down's syndrome who are under 16 are entitled to a blue badge as those who are over 16 are as is the case in Wales. 

Petition History:


10 November 2015: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 10 November 2015

12 January 2016: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that a pilot scheme to extend the Blue Badge Scheme will be undertaken to allow the impact of the charge to be monitored and to ascertain how to effect change on a permanent basis. Link to Official Report 12 January 2016

Written Submissions:

Children with autism and Down's syndrome who are aged under 16 all over Scotland are loosing their blue badges due to the Govenrment welfare cuts that are downgrading most of them from higher rate moblity to middle rate mobility. As a result local authorities are turning down requests for blue badge renewals as you only qualify automatically if you are on higher rate mobility. There is no consideration being taken in to the fact that even though these children can walk they cannot walk anywhere on their own for personal safety reasons. The situation is made even more unfair by the fact that when children with autism and downs turn 16 they change from DLA to PIP and PIP has provsion for granting a blue badge on personal safety reasons. I have started this petition so that children with autism and downs under 16 are treated the same as those over 16. Wales recently changed the law so that this is the case I urge Scotland to do the same.

The Blue Badge significantly helps families in need. Would be an outrage to take that away from them. Taking that away would prevent the child from going out on trips conveniently and safely!!

Fariha Getlawi

23:07 on 09 Sep 2015

Having 4 children on the spectrum, 2 of them severe, a blue badge would make such a difference to trips out, The 'invisible' disabilities are every bit as real as the visible ones and should be treated as such!!

Debbie Young

7:17 on 09 Sep 2015

It seems to be so obvious as to what needs to be done here and yet as with every other aspect of these childrens lives, parents have to fight so hard to get the support and resources that can make such a difference to both them and their parents. I myself have an autistic son and the journey has been made so much more difficult thanks to bureaucracy. The people at the top clearly have no idea what it means to have a child with additional support needs such as autism or Downs Syndrome. They should try walking a mile in the shoes of the parents who do!

Denise Cannon

21:18 on 02 Sep 2015

They should be

James running

21:09 on 01 Sep 2015

Hopefully the Goverment will see sense and understand that having this Bluebadge can help Children like my son with autism hurting himself or others as he can walk but has no sense of Danger.

Angela kane

19:55 on 29 Aug 2015

Come on, bring in common sense, they should have priority over other able kids when it comes to welfare cuts, this will make such a difference to those children and their families. Please.

Franck Bergeret

8:59 on 28 Aug 2015

This is clear discrimination.

Dawn Whittaker

6:55 on 28 Aug 2015

I am the father of a 3 yrs boy who has Down Syndrome. As other people have mentioned, children with DS tire easlier and If I am out shopping i then need to carry him and the shopping back my son back to teh car. he is too big for my wife t carry and we don't have the benefit of support our families, it's just me and my wife. As we know all 3 years disoby mom and dad and go off and do their own thing. Not been able to park nearer to a location, will casue continued problems. I do have to ask though, why are we able to issue mobility buggies to people who appear to be in ill health, from perhaps a life time of smoking drinking etc and can walk, but choose not to and are in control of their environment. Where as a child who has been born with DS, and isn't in control of his environment and can be become extremely unpredictable is potentially loosing the valuable option of a safer parking. Please rethink this.

Kevin O'Connor

15:04 on 25 Aug 2015

Please consider including children with Down Syndrome and Autism. The challenges that these families deal with on a daily basis could be helped if they were included. I frequently drive 200 miles to help with childminding my little grandson who has Down Syndrome. This allows his parents to work and pay their taxes etc. I take him on outings and being able to park closer to venues would be a great help. He can walk but tires easily and has no danger awareness and is pre-verbal. We need our Government to demonstrate empathy towards our most vulnerable citizens.

Joyce Crane

13:37 on 21 Aug 2015

My daughter's blue badge was removed because she can walk. This puts us at considerable risk when walking near traffic and curtails the outings that we can make. (We did not have higher rate mobility allowance but had a blue badge for several years .) It is difficult enough to try to ensure safety and a good quality of life for disabled children. Scottish society has some way to go in being inclusive to those who are different. Please provide blue badges for all citizens who have a disability which prevents them from understanding the concept of personal safety.

Alison Barbour

7:26 on 21 Aug 2015

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