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PE01459: Total review of Coastal Erosion protocols and responsibilities

Rural Affairs

Petitioner: James A Mackie


Date Lodged: 30 November 2012

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to order a total review of Coastal Erosion protocols, responsibilities, decisions and the roles of national and Local Governments, Quangos, agencies and the private sector as the current situation is not saving coast lines and communities.  

Petition History:

Annexes: Photographs of an area under threat from coastal erosion


22 January 2013: The Committee took evidence from James A Mackie and David Mackay. The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government, the Scottish Coastal Forum, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the Crown Estate, Moray Council, COSLA and Scottish Natural Heritage. Link to Official Report 22 January 2013 (393KB pdf)

16 April 2013: The Committee agreed to close the petition under Rule 15.7 on the grounds that there was a broad consensus amongst the organisations contacted that a review of coastal erosion protocols and responsibilities is not necessary. Link to Official Report 16 April 2013 (472KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

Coastal erosion is not something new.   However in recent decades it has become more of a problem as areas that have been inhabited by man come under threat.      The coast is owned by the Crown Estates who generate large sums of money from the sea bed and coastal waters around Britain.   They have no responsibly to prevent coastal erosion, even when communities are at risk.      Under legislation, Local Government has the responsibility for controlling and dealing with local coastal erosion.   The key trigger to doing prevention work is whether or not the land will be flooded plus will the cost of intervening protect assets with a higher value than the cost of the works.   If it is deemed prudent to carry out coastal erosion prevention work, studies are commissioned and the project priced out.   Central Government pays 80% of the cost and the remainder comes from Local Government.

Coastal Erosion for those of us that are so close to the coast is a very important subject and this petition speaks for all of us and there is no doubt that this petition has highlighted all that is required to be know so that those who have the power to protect our coastline to take the necessary action before it is too late. SO PLEASE DO.

lansana f bangura

19:28 on 29 Nov 2012

It seems obvious that these people living this close to disaster need urgent help from the Govt.

Rita williams

15:18 on 22 Nov 2012

Safeguard this heritage NOW

Clint Barker

23:25 on 21 Nov 2012

James Mackie's description of the current situation at Kingston Beach is a very accurate description. It is time someone took some action as the warning signs ave been there for too long.

John Third

22:40 on 21 Nov 2012

i agree strongly with all that is said.

Duncan Biddulph

14:28 on 21 Nov 2012

This petition demands support as the issues raised affect a number of communities around our coastline. The lack of action by authorites and the detrimental actions by others who have control over rivers and estuaries have led to continual deterioration of river banks and coastlines with serious financial implications for local inhabitants due to flooding, loss of land and the threat to dwellings. Those responsible need to be brought to account and effective measures brought forward to address the problems.

Colin Hayward Young

11:12 on 31 Oct 2012

the Scottish Goverment should be doing more about this and other matters that confront the lives of the public.

Michael Davis

15:08 on 30 Oct 2012

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