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PE01509: Aberdeen to Inverness Rail Travel Improvement


Petitioner: Lee Wright


Date Lodged: 13 March 2014

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to improve the safety, frequency and standards of rail transportation between Aberdeen and Inverness.

The North East of Scotland and the two most northerly cities in the UK deserve a better rail service.

Petition History:


1 April 2014: The Committee agreed to write to Network Rail and ask the Scottish Parliament Information Centre to undertake research on seating-only tickets. Link to Official Report 1 April 2014 (448KB pdf)

5 August 2014: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government. Link to Official Report 5 August 2014 (399KB pdf)

30 September 2014: The Committee agreed to close the petition, under Rule 15.7, on the basis that the Scottish Government has, this year, stated its commitment to medium and long term investment in the Inverness-Aberdeen railway. Link to Official Report 30 September 2014 (509KB pdf)

Written Submissions:

All rail users on the Aberdeen to Inverness line should sign this to bring the state of the service to the attention of the Scottish Government

We are paying premium fares for a less than standard service. The same distance on the Inverness to Aberdeen line is more than twice the price of a similar distance on other lines.

Carole Bridge

18:02 on 12 Mar 2014

The service is rubbish

Clark Rose

17:37 on 07 Mar 2014

If u r going to charge the same amount whether you sit or stand there needs to b more carriages at peak times.

Karen Dawson

23:48 on 06 Mar 2014

This service is a disgrace

Linda mcmahon

21:35 on 06 Mar 2014

Need more carriages on all trains especially peak time trains. Never get a seat Inverurie -Aberdeen as train normally full when it arrives in Inverurie.


16:24 on 06 Mar 2014

As a regular communter from Inverurie to Aberdeen, the situation is now at a dangerous level for travellers. The 07:43 train is always full by the time it reaches Inverurie and those with luggage leaving at Dyce for the airport regularly struggle to get off the train. Returning from Aberdeen, the 15:52 train is too early for many to leave the office but the 16:44 only goes as far as Dyce. If this train went as far as Inverurie perhaps there might be a little less pressure on the 17:21 Inverness train. It doesn't bare thinking about all these standing passengers in the event of an accident!


12:51 on 05 Mar 2014

For the past 12 months I have been a daily commuter on the Inverness to Aberdeen route. It is not a service Scotrail should be proud of. I have experienced a variety of problems such as regular signal failures or delays at Inverurie, buckled train track, engine failures, lack of carriages due to lack of available rolling stock and theft of signalling cable. Every week there is a problem or delay on the line. This line must be one of the most profitable lines in Scotland due to the number of regular commuters to Aberdeen and those travelling to Dyce to go offshore or the airport. The rolling stock is of extremely poor quality when compared to that available in Central Scotland. The 15.28 service leaving Aberdeen is consistently overcrowded surely this is dangerous for passengers and staff? Providing a train every hour and a half between Aberdeen and Inverness is not acceptable. There should be more frequent trains on the timetable. The people of the North East of Scotland deserve a better service and the Scottish Government should demand Scotrail make improvements to the schedule and the rolling stock.


20:17 on 27 Feb 2014

I commute daily to Dyce then back to Elgin. The train is always overcrowded with limited seating after leaving Aberdeen. Nightly i have to stand until a seat becomes available. Inverurie travellers in the morning struggle for a seat every day. There is a regular serviceability problem which compounds the problem as we are squeezed into less carriages, which there are not enough to begin with. Scotrail are happy to take the fare money but disregards passenger safety by overcrowding the carriages. I see frustration every day from passengers failing to get a seat on the 1733 from Dyce. The line requires inmproving to allow passing places for an hourly service to operate. The stations with shorter platforms (Elgin) require updsting. Slightly off topic but Dyce staion should have a proper platform building. We live in the NE of Scotland which is known for its poor weather in theb winter months. Dyce is a busy staion and 2 small shelters is not enough. It sometimes like living in the dark ages. Aberdeen is the oil capital of Europe and Dycwe station and the northerly line is not a shiniong example for the area. I sweriously feel passenger safety is compromised by thye lack of funding put into the Aberdeen Inverness route.

GR Elgin

13:07 on 26 Feb 2014

The prices are high just like the buses as there is only one company that operate that route so they think about profit first and as allways money that should be spent on better things are never done like the failed edinburgh tram line

kyle smith

22:07 on 21 Feb 2014

the current snp government should start listening to the people and stop acting in such an autocratic fashion. We need to stop them lecturing us and send them to to the ukrane where their ideology would be tested more

Peter Green

3:27 on 21 Feb 2014

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