Outreach@YourSchool Booking Form

Please fill in as much information as possible as this will assist us in organising your session. If you have any questions please send an email to Outreach.Education@parliament.scot

Outreach@YourSchool sessions are usually held in your school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. The full session for Primary or Secondary takes approximately an hour and a half. The Secondary session can be run to fit a period length if necessary.

If you are booking for more than one class, please try to ensure that you have more than one preferred session time each day, as sessions in the same school are usually run on the same day.

Please do not use personal email addresses or phone numbers.

Please include your school's Twitter address, if it has one. The Scottish Parliament posts tweets about school visits, and we like to include direct links where possible. Do not include personal Twitter adresses.

If you would prefer to book a Visit Your Parliament session this is booked separately and you cannot book the same classes on both types of session.

Session 2: Follow-up Session

Please note: you may only choose one of the options for your Scottish Parliament engagement follow-up session. Both the MSPs@YourSchool session and @YourParliament tour are free. However, you will have to arrange your own transport if you are visiting the Parliament, and we are unable to assist with travel costs.

MSPs@YourSchool sessions are held on Mondays or Fridays.

Twitter and photographs

We would like to take photographs during our session to post on the @EducationSP twitter feed. Please let us know if this will not be possible, or if there would be limitations on what or who can be photographed.

Data Protection

The data on this form is used to confirm your booking, contact the school / teacher with information regarding the booking, and post any requested resources to the teacher/s. Identifying data on teacher/s or classes will not be stored beyond the academic year in which the session take place.

Find out more about how the Parliament complies with Data Protection Law in our Privacy Notice.


Choose preferred date and time (max 1 hour total) for your MSPs@YourSchool visit. Please note, we will contact MSPs with your first preference date /time. The second preference will be used only if no MSPs can attend on your first choice.

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