The Scottish Parliament Challenge

The Scottish Parliament is pleased to be working with the Modern Studies Association to produce this activity for use in BGE Modern Studies classes.

The resource centres around group work, with peer knowledge sharing at the heart of the learning. 

Teachers can use the quiz as an assessment or as a fun round up to the piece of work.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this resource so we can keep it updated and working for you. Please use the email link on this page to let us know your thoughts. 


Teacher Notes

Plese note: due to the COVID-19 situation, we cannot send out booklets at the moment. Please use the online versions of the booklets. 

Group work print outs (all Word documents)

1) Background to the Scottish Parliament

2) Elections

3) Laws

4) MSPs

5) Getting Involved 

PowerPoint resource master for use on whiteboard


After you have finished teaching the topic:

PowerPoint Quiz

Teacher feedback link

We are sorry we cannot send you copies of the certificate at the moment. You can print a certificate instead in the meantime.

Show your class a thank you video from the Presiding Officer

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