Health and social services

What has the Scottish Parliament done?

Here are a few examples of what has been done in this area:


This act aims to ensure adults and children (including carers and young carers) are given more choice and control over how their social care needs are met. It sets out the forms of “self-directed support” that must be offered by local authorities to those assessed as requiring community care services.

This act made it an offence to smoke in any wholly or substantially enclosed public space, with a small number of exceptions. It also introduced universal free eye and dental checks.

Committee inquiries

The Health and Sport Committee found that most of the primary causes of health inequalities are related to income and deprivation. It also heard that the effect of “lifestyle” public health campaigns was often to widen inequalities rather than to narrow them. It suggested that significant efforts would have to be made across a wide range of policy areas and by different agencies collaborating and working more effectively together. 


The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing announced the Scottish Government would launch an independent review into the devices and would ask the acting Chief Medical Officer to write to all health boards to request they suspend the use of these devices while the review is undertaken.

In April 2014, the Scottish Government introduced a new 111 number.

What is the Scottish Parliament doing?

Here is an example of what is currently being done in this area:

The Health and Sport Committee is exploring the culture of the NHS and the way this impacts on patients.

Follow the work of the Health and Sport Committee on its webpage.

Official Report

What is said in public in committees and in the Chamber, including debates and statements by Scottish Government Ministers, is recorded in the Official Report.

Use the Official Report search to find details of MSPs’ discussions in the Parliament on a particular issue.  

Questions and motions

MSPs ask questions and lodge motions, some of which are debated, to gather information and raise awareness of issues.

Enter a keyword in the search to find out what MSPs have said about a specific subject.  

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