Official Report


  • Equalities and Human Rights Committee 31 October 2019    
    • Attendance


      *Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South) (SNP)

      Deputy convener

      Alex Cole-Hamilton (Edinburgh Western) (LD)

      Committee members

      Angela Constance (Almond Valley) (SNP)
      *Mary Fee (West Scotland) (Lab)
      *Fulton MacGregor (Coatbridge and Chryston) (SNP)
      *Oliver Mundell (Dumfriesshire) (Con)
      *Annie Wells (Glasgow) (Con)


      The following also participated:

      Linda Fabiani (East Kilbride) (SNP) (Committee Substitute)

      Clerk to the committee

      Claire Menzies


      The Robert Burns Room (CR1)


    • Decision on Taking Business in Private
      • The Convener (Ruth Maguire):

        Good morning and welcome to the 25th meeting in 2019 of the Equalities and Human Rights Committee.

        We have received apologies from Alex Cole-Hamilton and Angela Constance. I welcome Linda Fabiani, who has joined us this morning.

        Agenda item 1 is a decision on whether to take in private agenda item 2, which is on our approach to scrutiny of the Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill at stage 1. Do members agree to take that item in private?

        Members indicated agreement.

      • The Convener:

        Our next meeting will take place on 7 November, when we will take further oral evidence on the Female Genital Mutilation (Protection and Guidance) (Scotland) Bill.

        We will now move into private session.

        09:15 Meeting continued in private until 10:05.