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Statutory instruments

UK statutory instruments (SIs)

Where the Scottish Government intends to consent to the UK Government laying statutory instruments that include proposals relating to devolved competencies, it will notify the Scottish Parliament to enable the Parliament to scrutinise its intention to consent to such statutory instruments.  Click on the infographic below which shows how the Scottish Parliament scrutinises UK SIs laid at the UK Parliament under the 2018 Act.

A complete list of consent notifications received by the Scottish Parliament in relation to UK statutory instruments can be found by following this link.

Scottish statutory instruments (SSIs)

The Scottish Government also intends to lay Scottish statutory instruments in preparation for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. A protocol has been designed to aid parliamentary scrutiny. This protocol is summarised in the infographic below which shows how the committees of the Scottish Parliament will scrutinise SSIs laid under the 2018 Act.

Details of SSIs laid before the Scottish Parliament under the 2018 Act can be found on our SSI Tracker where they will be annotated as 'Brexit related SSIs'.

Committee Meetings

Next Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee Meeting

Date: 2nd Meeting, Tuesday 19 January 2021

Location: The Committee will meet at 11:45am in a virtual meeting that will be broadcast at

Papers of meeting, 19 January 2021 (235KBpdf)

1. European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018
2. Instruments subject to made affirmative procedure
3. Instruments subject to affirmative procedure
4. Instruments subject to negative procedure
5. Instruments not subject to any parliamentary procedure


Official Report of Meeting 19 January 2021

Minutes of meeting, 19 January 2021 (93KBpdf)

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Clerk to the Committee: 

Andrew Proudfoot

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Telephone number: 0131 348 5212

Understanding secondary legislation

Click on the infographic below to learn about the process that takes place starting from when a Scottish statutory instrument (secondary legislation) is laid before Parliament to it being approved in the debating chamber.


You can also learn more about SSIs and the scrutiny applied to them by having a look at the following:


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