Deer Management - 2013



In 2013 the Committee agreed to scrutinise the issue of deer management in Scotland. Evidence sessions were held in November 2013.

The Committee considered the evidence heard in these sessions, as well as written evidence it received on the issue, and agreed to write to the Scottish Government to summarise its findings and make recommendations.


Evidence sessions with stakeholders took place on 13 and 20 November 2013.

Read the papers (including written evidence received), Official Report and the minutes for these meetings here:

33rd Meeting, Wednesday 13 November 2013 


On 5 February 2014, the RACCE Committee published its letter to the Scottish Government which summarises its views and makes recommendations on the future of deer management.

Read the letter here:

Scottish Govenment's response:

Progress Updates

In May 2015, the Committee wrote to stakeholders requesting updates on the operation and effectiveness of deer management groups, and the timescales for adoption and publication of deer management plans.

Following an informal meeting with SNH CEO, Susan Davies, the Committee received further information on deer management in relation to Ardvar:

In June 2015, the Committee received the following responses to its request for updates on deer management plans:

Press release:  

Links to both the press release and accompanying video here:


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