Inquiry into the Scottish Government's Country Plan for China and its International Framework



The Committee agreed to conduct an inquiry into the Scottish Government’s Country Plan for China and International Framework. The China Plan has been refreshed three times since its original publication in 2006. The most recent update was published on 4 December 2012.

This strategy sets out the Scottish Government’s priorities and targets for the development of Scotland’s relationship with China over the next five years. It is intended to provide a framework for any Scottish organisation that wishes to engage with China.

The Committee's inquiry focused on the economic dimension of the China Plan. The Committee considered the latest China Plan update and compared it with the previous version to assess the progress made in the implementation and development of the targets. It also considered the impact the Plan has had for businesses in Scotland and the potential for further expansion in trade and investment with China.

The inquiry takes into account the findings and recommendations of a report on the original strategy for engagement with China, published by the previous European and External Relations Committee during Session 3 of the Scottish Parliament.


The Committee conducted its inquiry in two phases. The first phase was conducted in February and March 2013, when Committee members visited businesses across Scotland, that export to, or receive investment from, China.

The first visit, which saw the launch of the inquiry, was to the Scottish Salmon Company offices in Edinburgh on 28 February 2013.

View images of the launch

The second phase of the inquiry took oral evidence from key stakeholders during the Committee's formal meetings in May 2013. 

The Committee published a report of its findings on 23 June 2013.

Read the news release accompanying the report

Read the Scottish Government response to the Committee Report (2,820KB pdf)

The inquiry concluded on 19 September 2013 when the Committee considered the Scottish Government's response to its report at its formal meeting.


The Committee issued a call for written evidence and invited responses from businesses, organisations and other parties with an interest in the subject. 

Read the Committee's call for views on the inquiry.

Read the news release for the launch of the inquiry.

Read written submissions received in response to the call for views.

Read the Committee's Report of its inquiry

Read the Scottish Government response to the Committee Report (2,820KB pdf)

Information on the oral evidence taken will be posted here.

Committee visits

Further to the inquiry launch, Jamie McGrigor MSP visited the processing plant of Marine Harvest Scotland in Fort William, on 18 March 2013. He gave a brief report on his experience of the visit to the Committee at its meeting on 21 March 2013, video footage of which is available here:

An official report of the meeting is available here:

On 25 March, Helen Eadie MSP and Roderick Campbell MSP attended a visit to Todd & Duncan Ltd. a textile company based in Kinross. A report of their experience was delivered to the Committee at its meeting on 18 April.

View images of the visit

A video of this meeting is available here:

The Official Report of this meeting is available here: 



Report on the Scottish Government's Country Plan for China and International Framework 4th Report, 2013 (Session 4)

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