Licensing of Static Mobile Homes with permanent residents


About the Inquiry

On Wednesday 20 January 2021,the Committee agreed to issue a targeted call for views about the effectiveness of the current licensing system for static mobile homes parks and how well it protects permanent residents.


Our call for views pose these questions: 

  • Are you aware of the current rules on the licensing of mobile home parks with permanent residents?
  • Do the rules seem fair? Do they get the balance right?
  • Local councils are in charge of the licensing system in their area. Do you have a view on how well this is done in your area? Do they have the resources and powers they need to do it effectively?
  • Do you have any other views you wish to share on the licensing system for mobile home with permanent residents? 

The call for views closes on 17 February. Read responses to the call for views as they come in. 

Once the call for views closes, the Committee will consider the responses that people and organisations have sent in and decide and what next steps to take in the limited time remaining in this session before the election.


The Committee has received a letter raising concerns that the system was not working well from Alexander Burnett MSP.

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