United Kingdom Internal Market Bill (Legislative Consent Memorandum)


About the Bill

The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill was lodged in the UK Parliament on 9 September 2020 and its purpose is-

"To make provision in connection with the internal market for goods and services in the United Kingdom (including provision about the recognition of professional and other qualifications); to make provision in connection with provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol relating to trade and state aid; to authorise the provision of financial assistance by Ministers of the Crown in connection with economic development, infrastructure, culture, sport and educational or training activities and exchanges; to make regulation of the provision of distortive or harmful subsidies a reserved or excepted matter; and for connected purposes.

The Explanatory Notes to the Bill confirm that all parts of the Bill trigger the need for the legislative consent from the Scottish Parliament. The Finance and Constitution Committee is scrutinising the Bill and the forthcoming Legislative Consent Memorandum and seeking evidence on the Bill and LCM. Read the Call for views here.

Previous Committee evidence on the Internal Market

The Committee has previously undertaken work on the UK Internal Market including a roundtable discussion in June 2019 and launching an inquiry into the internal market at the start of 2020. This work was paused following the receipt of written evidence and comparative research on Canada, the USA and Switzerland. More recently the Committee responded to the UK Government’s white paper consultation on the UK Internal Market which preceded the UK Internal Market Bill.

On 12 August 2020 the Committee’s Internal Market advisor Professor Kenneth Armstrong provided a briefing on the concept of an internal market.

Briefings on the Bill

The Law Society of Scotland (642KB PDF)

Professor Michael Dougan (197KB PDF)

Professor David Bell (195 KB PDF)

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